ChiliLight en växtbelysning för inomhusbruk!

Now I have tested my ChiliLight for almost a year and it works great to both
push up the small chiliplantor with and to winter in chiliplantor.

Fixture weighs about 3 kg with 2 St. CFLs. The dimensions are Length 600 mm. Prepared 400 mm. Height 20 mm. It is possible to use up to 2 St. 45W lågeneriglampor but E27 socket. The color temperature of the lights I tested is 840 and 864 and both have been equally.

I am doing this lighting on order to chili enthusiasts who have high demands on the lighting at an affordable price.

What do you use for lighting?

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23 Responses to ChiliLight en växtbelysning för inomhusbruk!

  1. Al Poder says:

    Hey stig! I am interested in purchasing a lighting of this kind of you. You can send an email with the cost and if there are different variants?
    Best wishes,

  2. Per-anders says:

    Hi. Also I would like a price on what they cost. MVH P-a

  3. Dsvid Lange says:

    I would also buy a lamp.
    Best Wishes, David

  4. Håkan Pettersson says:

    I order a indoor light of you. 400x600mm follow the lights ? Where do you buy lamps?
    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      The lights that come with lights purchased at auto parts store 30W 4000 k they work great and are cheap to purchase. Vill du ha en lampa får du kontakta mig via kontaktsidan 🙂

  5. Veronica says:

    Hi! I am interested in finding out more about the lights you make.. Please contact me at

  6. Håkan Wade says:

    Hi stig, it is possible to make the longer Yes it is clear it is possible to make longer but the result is the same with the light best wishes, Håkan

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Well I've been meaning to make one that is about. 100 cm long with 4 St. lamps but it is only at the stage of thought than.

  7. Klas Sjolin says:


    Wondering if you are able to email me the price and delivery time on the lamp?

    With kind regards,

  8. Jonas L says:

    Is pensive in case you have done which would be 100 cm than? What would the price of one of those be? And how much do you take for the the smaller variant with 2x45w?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! The I'll do this summer, autumn is a new twist to hang in Windows, etc. a 70 cm with T5 21W 856 and one on 120 cm with 35W 865. Price will be about. 800:- for 70 cm and 1300:- for 120 cm. Much work then it is oak details on these lights. The usual ChiliLight with 2x45W will be on 700:-

  9. Hi!

    The luminaire is ok to have LED lights in also?

    Please send quote to me on a standard lamp –


  10. Erik Karlsson says:

    I plan to try some vegetables inside in winter. Looking for light fixtures with 2 St. t5 tubes, CA 100 W tot and 120 cm long. Is there anything you are building or have seen for sale?

    Thanks for a good site!

  11. Peter S says:

    Hi! Which part number at auto parts store is the lights you use ?
    Skall börja att odla chili detta år 🙂


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. The one I use is a 30 watt low energy bulb with color code 840 No. at auto parts store

  12. Mattias Andreasson says:


    Säljer du fortfarande dessa amaturer?

    Hur många plator räcker ljuset till ungefär?

    Är detta bättre än 2x54watt t5 rör?

    Vad kostar dem?

    Kommer upphängnings tillbehör med amaturen?

    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hey no sorry I don't make these anymore, but now I only do lighting for window sill which also can be used on other sites so that over a growing bench mm.

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