Test to germinate seeds in Coir – Coconut fiber.

I am using most of the time the breeding my seeds in Root Riot cubes then it has worked
excellent and because it is so smooth to school if the little plants. This year so wounds
I both in kRoot Riot cubes but also in Coconut fiber and small charcoal briquettes.

Coir – Coconut fiber comes in a dry ihoppressad lump that you get soaking.
I placed it in a bucket of water so that it got sucked up and become manageable.
I mixed in a little seed compost with sand to get a little smoother texture when
I use a pluggbrätte to be filled with the mixture.

After sowing so hoses I gently with a sparyflaska. To the seed to get a hot
and humid environment so I brim in one of my larger greenhouse and let it all
stand on a heat mat, temp 26 – 29 degrees. Now it's just waiting for the
to look up something or this Coir – Coconut fiber bedding.

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3 Responses to Test to germinate seeds in Coir – Coconut fiber.

  1. Maria says:

    What happened with this sowing? Are you running with pure coconut soil or you can mix it with something? Should I mix coconut soil with perlite?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Well it is growing but not as I would in the coconut mixture. I mixed it with some so-agriculture for better texture. On the other hand, I have coconut in my own soil mix for plants in pots this year and it seems to work fine. I mix 50% coconut 50% rosjord + a little sand, clay and decayed bark, as well as some extra fertilizing But guano and Neem.

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