Time for other retraining to larger pots and new healthy soil!

Today, got a bunch of my hot chilisorter new healthy soil and a 1,3 liter perennkruka.
When to school on to larger pot depending upon how plants evolved. Roots should have etabelerat up well so that the plant is manageable. One trick is to gently squeeze around the small pot and then lift out the plant and see how roots developed.

I mix my own chili ground in my 80 litre tub. The Earth is made up of dark peat, decayed bark, sand and so I cheated a bit (the compost is frozen) so I mixed in the Weibull rosjord to even get a soil with some clay in. A few litres of perlite and naturally fattening Bat guano and a little Epsom Salt. I put down the plants so deeply to heart leaves almost touches the Earth.

Does it have any bearing what to use for Earth? Yes, it has the. To earn much in length using a good growing soil, believe me I know…

There's no need to pour on too much nourishment, when chili cannot receive large amounts of certain nutrients. Pouring it on with too much nitrogen as beneficial to the leaf growth but can in the end inhibit fruit setting in my attempt. I have therefore chosen Bat Guano for basic fertilization instead of chicken manure pellets containing more nitrogen.

Now, these plants to have grow up a few weeks in my fluorescent lamps and a temp of about 18 degrees before it is time for them to get new Earth and new larger pot.

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8 Responses to Time for other retraining to larger pots and new healthy soil!

  1. Victor Fabelo says:

    Must start by saying that you have an incredibly exciting website where I've taken me much information. This is my first year that I start with chili and I'm already totally sold. My seeds are starting to prove now after 1 week and the leaves begin to develop. Now for my questions.
    1. When to repot?
    2. How large a pot should I choose?
    3. What should I choose for Earth by repotting? (Preferably something pre-mixed)

    Thanks once again for a website that inspires 🙂

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Victoria!

      When your seedlings had their real leaves character sheet (First, cotyledons) then you can repot to a small pot. I use square 8×8 cm pots. I fill them with nutritious Earth, The Weibull rosjord I think this is the best bag-Earth but it goes well with any other odlarjord type P-agriculture, U-agriculture. I mix the soil with about. 10% Perlite to make the Earth a little more airy. No nutrition the first 3 weeks when the Earth contains nutrition. Efter 3 weeks you can start näringsvattna with a liquid nutrition. It goes great with Flourish. You should only take 1/5 of what is in the bottle and mix with water. Feed at each watering time.

      Good luck with your chiliodling!

      • Victor Fabelo says:

        VICTOR, if I may ask! haha.

        When to take out the plants from the greenhouse so that they will be free, as it were, under the lamp?

        Thanks for all the answers 🙂

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi Victor!
          Let your plants remain in miniväxthuset to it's time to plant them in a small pot with nutrient rich soil. It wont let me do when the real leaves (character sheets) plant for. Then is also good with roots developed.

  2. Petra Elf says:


    This is the first year I start to get on well with chilli cultivation and soon it's time for my plants to be retrained for a second time. My question is if you run them in principle as far down it goes into the soil even the second time? Forms still roots from the stem that ends underground, even when it has become a bit stronger? I pressed them down so much it went at first retraining but some still have a bunch of centimeter stamm in the cotyledons.

  3. Pepe n says:

    Now is the time for transplanting # 3 to take out the plants in the greenhouse.
    I can go on really big pots now?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes you can school into large pots. Was a little wary of watering in the beginning until the plant has established itself. I usually just sprinkle around the plant in the beginning if it is a small plant in a big pot.

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