Some new chilisorter for the season 2014!

This year so I actually grow both hot and mild chili. Here is 3 new varieties for this year as
will be very interesting and follow. Yes it is just that with the growing from seed to large
plants with lots of fruits that is my great passion. All this with history, Latin name and a bunch of other complicated facts it makes those who are experts in just
these areas deal with.

  • Grenada Seasoning Pepper (Capsicum chinense) A mild habanero
    type that gets fairly large yellow fruits. Very flavorful chili with just one
    a little bit of heat.
  • Aji Pepper Llanero (Capsicum chinense) A mild to medium hot chilli
    that is a little more unusual and where the heat in the fruits may have great variety.
  • Brown Moruga ™ A Trinidad chili grown out of PepperLovers in
    United States and which many believe will take over as the world's hottest tittel
    Chili. Caution extremely hot!

PS. Do you also have low dense strong seedlings, one of my tips to make
the little plants a little cooler with plenty of light when they had their character sheets.
I keep a temperature of approx. 17 – 18 degrees.

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One Response to Some new chilisorter for the season 2014!

  1. Mia H says:

    Grenadan sounds exciting (säger Bellaforma älskaren 🙂 )
    Will be exciting to follow the.
    MIA on the Åland Islands

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