Plant Led plant lighting test. Blue and white led is best!

If you want to push up their plants in the new led technology, there are many different lights on the market. In my attempts, it is blue and white led that apply if you want to push up chiliplantor.

A plant lighting with very red light does not work very well when you want to power up chiliplantor but it should be blue led (440NM) and white led (6500(K)) to stimulate photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation and contribute to strong growth. It seems that the little plants absorbs these colors when they are young more than the red light.

When I tested and push up plants in very red led light (660NM) so I don't get the same green nice plants but becomes paler and goes on to, they are not as compact as I want them. It's no wonder when the actual red light stimulates root initiation, blomming and stretching growth.

So my recommendation if you want to power up chiliplantor for led lighting is to use just the blue and white light that works best.

I would like to point out that it saves no energy by using led as plant lights and it works no better than if you use low-energy light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs with the right color.

Led lighting for plants is no miracle lighting where you can stop in 10W and find out which one might think 60W light when you look for information about these lights on some vendors ' websites.

If you want an led lighting that really works, I can recommend Venos EcoSolutions lights for these I know works. You'll find them here:
Good plant lighting

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2 Responses to Plant Led plant lighting test. Blue and white led is best!

  1. Johan says:

    Thank you Path for all the inspiration! It is this kind of joint or some other kind of LED lamps you tried?

    This LED to the plants have I become curious about:

    It is available in 2 variants 5:1 (5 Red, 1 blå) alternative 4:1 (4 Red. 1 blå) If you want more blue led's due per metre. The length is 1-5 metres in length that can be cut to the self and the twins. On the back there is adhesive tape. The wavelength of the light appears to be the Red 625-660nm; Blå: 450-465NM

    The cost of the 5 x 1 FT, a total of 600 led lamps with all various accessories and electric wires located on 40 USD Inc. shipping (CA 335 KR). – Worth of testing do you like or just junk?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. It is unfortunately too little effect and it is better with white LED. I'll build a lighting with an LED strip 5 meters with 45W kallvita LED which I cut and put together side by side. I do it just to test. If you want LED strips with good LED and high-power so it costs more that went on 500:- but trafo.

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