I raffled a Mini Chililight a plant lighting on 30W with position!

Mini ChiliLight is a new lighting that is meant for uppdrivning of small chiliplantor.
This lighting also has a score hang fixture in. The armature
can also be hung up in any way when the plants become more. Everything is powder-coated
in a white matte color for good reflection and durability.

Measurement of the light fixture 400x250x110 mm. Scaffold height 500 mm.

Energy-saving lamp 30W 4000 k

The position is easy to assemble as it is only 4 St M6 bolt that
It joins the position with.

Congratulations! Susanna Gross it was you who got the Mini ChiliLight


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135 Responses to I raffled a Mini Chililight a plant lighting on 30W with position!

  1. Stefan G says:

    Never liked the chili, thought it was a completely unnecessary spice.
    Then I got into a discussion with Anneli on facebook and she sent me a small sample jar.
    now the Devils, the lovely sting it became the drink and food….:-)

  2. Anders S says:

    Competition with Stig wants to the right of the. In my second in Ostersund, I have bad light as little extra light would be a nice addition.

  3. Mikael Roupe says:

    I am a first-time growers, and have been bitten sharply. Have followed your videos on YouTube, and has to o with copying your nifty idea with IKEA dish. Do, however, a lamp to because I have planted way too much. 🙂

  4. Ylva Åberg says:

    I'd love to give the light of my grandchildren who fills 10 years soon. We sowed some seeds in the fall but his plants are too dark now. I want it to grow well, so that his interest lasts.

  5. Linda Andersson says:

    Love culturing ♥
    A new opportunity to grow even more and more wonderf plants ♥

  6. Per-Erik Grondahl says:

    Of course you should be with! Fun with such competitions!

  7. I am an avid chilifan who has worked with chili for many years now. Cultivating both plants guilt, but also because I make a lot of food with chili. Have a separate food blog and also tomato blog (Located links inside the chili since my)
    Plan Tealights is always welcome and the light viewing is the practical struggle which also has a tripod. I'm crossing my fingers that I win 😀
    Good weekend.

  8. Annika says:

    Should cultivate chilli for the first time this year and look forward to this, it will be exciting! My seedlings are in great need of better lighting.

  9. Forgot to attach the link to my chili page http://chiliglede.blogspot.no/, sorry 😉

  10. Thomas Svensson says:

    Förmycket light to their babies can not get 🙂

  11. The seeds I bought from you grow and prosper, but will need more lighting in the future when they will be even greater as a supplement of a lamp is necessary 🙂

  12. Sussi Hägg says:

    Oh what fun to race
    Of course I want to win this…..Why yes it would be fun because I have so my seeds a little later because of a trip
    Would be great fun
    M.v.h Sussi

  13. Robert says:

    I would really love to win this light so I have such an interest in this there is always too much plants resulting in lack of space with good light sources. I have room in my living room but not the sunny side, where this flexible lighting would do the trick! = D

  14. Susanna Gross says:

    I would say that this year has already given me so very unlucky that I deserve to have a little luck…
    Would be great to win the light of my seeds have already sprouted and I miss lighting. Then it is custom made by a professional and good looking does not hurt just!

  15. To Ericson says:

    What a chilli light would fit nicely in my living room where I was supposed to put my chilli plants.

  16. Gunnar Thor says:

    Would be perfect for my seedlings. A perfect complement to Stig's big fixture.

  17. Thomas Björkås says:

    Yes! National!
    If you live, like me, Skellefteå in northern Sweden, and the cold is angrier at chilli far into the month of May. Darkness on the snow brings melancholy nutrition. We have no Furnishings but sitting on kicks all year. Om..jag says just about.. I would draw the winning ticket in life raffle so may not only my chilli plants vårkänning but also a grower whose chilli innocence was now in January.. Only opportunities in other words..

  18. Miro says:

    This will of course not be a better time for me. I've put a lot of chili, but completely forgot to fix lights. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can win this so the guy and I can give our future chilli plants better light than the window. 😉

    Have a nice!


  19. Maria K says:

    I so want to have such a complement to the kitchen to push up the seedlings ( it's so hot o good in the kitchen) and my partner is tired of my temporary solution with a low-energy bulb hanging with an old lamp shade curtain rod… With a light tripod so the whole thing would be solved both neat o practical 🙂 Then I have more places that fit better. During other years when I did not sow chilli plants, I think that this could huh perfect for growing your own herbs.

  20. Rickard Pettersson says:

    Cool new lamp! It would fit perfectly in my home! The lady has been whining on the “ugly” Lights And the newborn has already stolen my chilirum! :@

    What will this cost then?

  21. Peter Persson says:

    Then my interest in chilli only stuck to cooking before I found the Stig's page, now I want to both eat and grow, Thanks for all the inspiration.

  22. Andrew Eaton says:

    Would be great to have something at home from my God 🙂

  23. Katarina Farago says:

    Has put quite a lot of seeds that have come up, but looks a little scrawny out because I do not have extra light, they are namely the windowsill 🙁 as little light had not damaged !

  24. Gosta Nilsson says:

    Both me and my chilli plants
    need much light now in this darkness, so it would be nice to win the lights.

  25. Sven Börjesson says:

    Now they will lose ground. This year I can not fail, or? I miss something?
    Jo, a cool lighting might do the trick

  26. Lennart Brännström says:

    It would have been awesome with a real illumination !

  27. Michael says:

    It is fötsta time I grow chilli iår and I took probably really water over my head to grow too much, a little extra light sake I do not think damage.

  28. Jakob Nilsson says:

    Well.. It would have been nice to have some light now when to start growing chilli, it will be fun to test. But it is pretty poor student at 17 years so can not afford any wise lighting so it would have been nice to win a.

  29. Billy Axelsson says:

    Stuff Mad as I am of course means that I'm dying for a stylish lighting fixture!

  30. Christine says:

    I would like to compete!

  31. MIA says:

    Do not get this to work out, hope to turn now to my little…
    my h

  32. Alexander Spang says:

    I would be overjoyed if I could win one of these. Just started to grow in my apartment and compete with my father who has 3st greenhouse full. Maybe this would even the odds a bit??

  33. Michael Klein says:

    Run with your “IKEA lighting fruktskåls’ as IOF works great but would now like to take the next step with a really neat lighting

  34. Ann-Sophie j asplind says:

    Would really like to win this light that I wound and pulls lot of seeds o sticklingar.Hoppas that luck has turned so it will be me who wins this lighting that illuminates both seeds and cuttings and my family.

  35. Michael Hillbom says:

    This is my first year I grow chilli,, then I do not have green fingers, so I do not expect much,, then all my windows flowers are dying one by one!! SUCK

  36. Denise M says:

    I would really love to win this lighting, so I have a fair start to the season chilli 😉

    Lives in Lapland, where the sun do not even get up when the chili will in the earth – that good lighting is essential. It would certainly facilitate our (= Me and my partner ') ambition to become completely self-sufficient in chili, so privileged is set as the first crop of self-list. And it takes a lot of chilli sauces in this household, so it is no small goal!!

  37. Ted says:

    Would be really nice for the mother if I could drive up small chili plants in my own home instead… 😉

  38. Helena Degerstedt says:

    A brilliant good race! Perfect for my too many chilli plants already crowded during the lighting, I can offer today. We keep our fingers crossed plants, and I! 🙂

  39. Johan Forsell s says:

    Never get the thumb out to fix up the lighting to get my plants. So a lamp had not been wrong so that more can be planted and grow up.

  40. I'm only a hobby growers and all my equipment is only the budget which is what my wallet permits. It gets very jealous of all the pictures on Facebook of all that has been fine ramps and boxes and see that it pays all times. Hence I should win this delicate position because my wife did not think we should spend our money on expensive fine lighting.

  41. Ken klasson says:

    Perfect for my small chili babies 🙂

  42. Victor says:

    My first year as chilli growers and I are already dependent. Will not be long until the girl says I get to choose either her or my plants. Just lighting is one thing that she gets incredibly angry over. When I showed this light, I received an approval so would be perfect in our little apartment 🙂 Thanks trail!

  43. Marie Country Farm says:

    When newly potato
    will be run in the dark room
    is the rickety to a thousand
    but the important extra lights
    Yes, they really do the trick!
    Habanero, jalapeno and Serrano
    Liksom poblano wide
    all they need to have
    by Stig Mini Chili Light each da’
    so therefore Yes please – I would like to have!

    • Marie Country Farm says:

      Oops! So go for it if you are in a hurry and do not korrläser…! Stig will obviously be!! 🙂

  44. Jani Takalo says:

    I'm not Jarmo but now lives in the same country, Finland. A country known for saunas, knife fight and not be able to show feelings. We do not care about the forest and wipe ourselves with bears. As all my time is now about to be the hard time I do not build one yourself. Therefore want to win.


  45. Jacob Åryd says:

    Very curious about your self-made lighting fixtures. Been thinking about doing something similar for yourself. Right now I just Biltema fixtures with 2×36 w. Large bulky and not nearly as smart as your. Would be perfect for places in the house where I can not put my chilli plants today.

  46. Asa says:

    May need some xtra light in this dark weather

  47. Susanne T says:

    Would be a blast to test your new design to the smallest chilibebbarna 🙂


  48. Rasmus Johansson says:

    Just put 14ST different varieties of seeds in the soil, and believe that this light would be just the right size to pull them up into fine plants! 🙂

  49. Isabella says:

    Would fit perfectly in the small apartment cultivation! My cuttings need to trade up from the 11W lamp :S

  50. John Robbins says:

    Would like to win it for my girlfriend who has sown a lot of chili!

  51. Susan says:

    To get fine chilisar must have good lighting, have a box of incubation hope for nice fine plants…. any day they start to look up, saying that they would love some toppenfin lighting.

  52. Solefors says:

    Wish summer was here now. Why not manipulate my plants.

  53. Magnus eweman says:

    Has received permission from her partner to grow some at home, have a decent place but not the opportunity for lighting. My current location is in a window that draws cold and with a homemade light cardboard, -foil and an advent star.
    To get access to proper lighting would be great

  54. Peter Svensson says:

    Sowed many seeds ( Starter mistakes) which I have read about :)) . It is the result that I have had to give away 8 pieces and 13 left. Do not fit more fluorescent fixtures in larger size. The most exciting chilli cultivation is to drive up from seed to small plant and then be able to give the little ones to friends and acquaintances o get them interested .
    Therefore, I would like to win a minor
    but effective lighting to fit
    with my project to get more of my
    friends to this amazing – I can
    I cultivate chili with world. /Peter

  55. Henrik Mörck says:

    Finally after 7 Is Snack spirit to start OLDA chilli! now they all are grown

  56. Britta Svensson says:

    I really need more light to my plants did not at all live up to the look that many of you have. Right from you Stig as always surprise us with raffles and various advice on chilli cultivation.

  57. Roland Pettersson says:

    Fun competition and good price!
    I now have a lot chilisar of different varieties that look a bit faded out and is very worried about what will happen to them, but this nice lighting. 🙂

  58. Fredrik Jersler says:


    hmm…I really need a babysitter! 🙂

  59. Matilda Källgård says:

    Hi! I would like to win a mini chilli light because it would really speed up my chilli cultivation. Additionally put style at the. I would cultivate the strongest chilli I get and make a convincing hot chili sauce for my partner, who does not like the chili I have now is strong enough!

  60. Joel says:

    I want to win this light that yes indeed is in need of more light to my cultivation!

  61. michael says:

    it would be nice to win something someday, and one of those sleek fittings, it might well not refuse, then it would probably even your partner think it eh okay to have the front so you do not hide it:)

  62. Viktor Wikström says:

    sure, why not? All with crispy economy is pretty much the same need for this lamp so no single reason for why my little ones would need it more than others, I can in good conscience not give you as chili are love light =)

    Fun with the draw in each case, and thanks for all the work you put us in Chili Club! =)

    Sincerely Viktor + 56 newly sown small life =)

  63. For me the apartment and scarce windows with sunshine, this would be a dream.
    Had bought unless the economy were too poor for it.

    My BOC would enjoy this lamp !

  64. Lars Edvinsson says:

    Do not grow chilli in the apartment because of my daughter, and an angry Attached you will stick to förådet. as had been fine with a good lamp that lights up my tillvarå in my little corner!

  65. Lisa Thunström says:

    Want to win one to give to my boyfriend. I have great window to grow chilli in, but it is already full of andraårschilisar. For us to be able to grow with him also we would need a lamp!

  66. Maria Lauer says:

    The other day, it was Christmas Eve and I got my package from Chili Club. Guess what I need!

  67. Ewa Rikander says:

    My plants need light

  68. Elin Richardsdotter says:

    It started with a redcherry plant, then it has escalated in many varieties. the lack of space and hard to get a good lighting.
    Your lights are the sovereign and you're awesome chili.
    I would be happiest with your lamp!
    Sincerely Elin

  69. Soren says:

    Some light to newly purchased seeds never hurts. Especially now in winter.

  70. Andreas Eriksson says:

    It would I want to use on the job 🙂 Need more room to grow on.

  71. Regina Säveholm O. says:

    That would fit perfectly on top of my new cultivation shelf where it would give light to my little ones who are in the middle of the replanted :p

  72. Samuel Gidlund says:

    Have just started growing chillies. Starting on a small scale so this is perfect.

  73. big P says:

    A little light in the darkness of winter would be good

  74. Ann-Lis Hermansson says:

    This, I would love to win it would fit so well on the bench in the bedroom, where one can see the little ones all the time. 🙂

  75. Fredrik Gihl says:

    Normally it's my boyfriend who grow chilli, but this year, I'll show her that even guys can grow chillies. But then I need a lamp for the small plants.

  76. Markus says:

    A stylish and functional lamp for the chili plants are always needed.

  77. Niclas says:

    To be able to pull up my chili plants in a better place in the apartment without the neighbors to call the police in the belief that there is something illegal to light up the screen.

  78. Svanhild helm says:

    Would have been fun to try what you pros use on your chilisar, so it will be happy to come home to me:-)

  79. Christian says:

    Now it's the culture today and it would be ideal to have a plant lighting that is custom made to my newly purchased chilli. Will be an exciting spring with fun colors and strong flavors…
    really good lottery.


  80. Lena says:

    My chilisar get too little light in the window & grow poorly..
    so hope, I hope to win!

  81. Kathrin Ahl says:

    Have been looking high and low for a good lighting and I find this to draw :). Of course I do not want to miss the chance to become a happy owner of this. My plants had been very happy if they can bask in the. Keeping my fingers crossed for the 7:(e) !

  82. Ulrika Denny says:

    It is the light that made.

  83. Karin Wahlin says:

    To, that I want to win so I can be so right now! Have no lighting yet .
    Great fun with a contest.

  84. Micke says:

    Would like to win just because I never win anything but first o mainly to a chili light of Sweden's best chili growers must only take

  85. Eva Lena Pour says:

    Kul..visst want ja va lottery with holding thumbs o toes 😉

  86. Emil Olar says:

    I have tried cultivated in 2 years, but manages very bad, received the highest 10 fruits of about 83 plants(this year), said probably too late. try now Vintra one with lighting in the bath room, reaching suffered light from ebay.
    SO Plese Mr. Häggkvist! pimp my chiliplants 😛

  87. Erik Bladström says:

    Have just started growing chillies but has no optimal place to have it and no light. This would be perfect for me, so now we can only hope that I like my new hobby!

  88. Pelle Richardsson says:

    Yes, but please, wish me light

  89. John North Hague says:

    Looking for a small , handy lamp annordning that looks nice when I built myself was not authorized to be visible in the living room… His partner will appreciate your annordningar more a mine

  90. Carl says:

    I've just started trying to cultivate chillies! Is in need of a good lighting. I keep my fingers crossed!

  91. As usual when I grow chili so I go so hard I is not got room for my plants on the balcony, why do I need extra lighting so yes you can hide some in the closet, You do not want to yes to have to kill my plants!
    Best wishes,!

  92. Christhoper Karlsson says:

    As Chili Growers in the apartment, I am always in need of more light sources!

  93. Mattias says:

    It had been my first, because I do not own any plant lamp. It would be interesting to cultivate my first chilis hand with tips, but also with a light from you.

  94. Lena Pabitra K C says:

    Etersom I study how to cultivate chilli best in small spaces, would this mini chilli light to be perfect. Has grown before in both the open and in greenhouses, but has now moved to a small apartment with minimal balcony so I simply had to adapt. But it is difficult to draw down from nearly 100 varieties to perhaps 10… Hope on tour!

  95. Per-Åke Norin says:

    I'm new at this and do not have good lighting.. Unde this was probably my chilisar happier..

  96. Well then, we live in the north and the sun is not enough so we all know that self creating small suns can do wonders.

  97. Peter Erichsen says:

    I want to win because I need it 🙂

  98. Lenore Hiort af Ornäs says:

    What a nice giveaway 🙂 have always cultivated a different extent, even when I did not have a balcony cultivated among other tomatoes I went and handpollinerade. When it comes to chili I've only planted a few or even just bought a complete plant which is then discarded after each season… Chili Club has opened a whole new host. 9 types of seeds became, would be fun to give them the best condition of your lighting, hold thumbs and roots 😀

  99. OF says:

    Would have to get started with my chill ice now, but has not started due to lack of time. A New Light would increase motivation!

    With kind regards, Daniel

  100. Lill Karlsson says:

    I started growing chillies for the 25 years ago. I have uppptäct that you need to get started with the cultivation as early as possible. Therefore, a mini light sit nicely in my home. Although I now live in a small apartment with minimal growth opportunities, I would not stop growing chilli.

  101. Elis Rondahl says:

    Hey stig!
    I want this lamp efertsom the broken ing I have today is not as aesthetic as the deb I have. I would then be able to move out my little seedlings out into the living room and be able to watch them all the evenings 🙂

  102. Anders Linander says:

    Should be awful nice to give the plants an extra boost 🙂

  103. Lotte W says:

    It would be nice in the kitchen! Right now I run up my first groped plants in my REARER! Yes, you read that right! It takes what you have said Kajsa Varg and I agree!

  104. Mattias says:

    With only a window to the south, it would be good with a little extra light to the chili are.

  105. Kjell Hansen says:

    oh how nice.
    This would be nice in the kitchen window.

  106. Bear P says:

    Have never cultivated chili inside past.
    Bought a lamp for wintering this year and would need a cultivation light to launch seed sowing earlier.


  107. Jan Kvarnström says:

    Trevligg fittings, has just been planted for the first time the chili and it could even get the better half to accept my new hobby in our new house ☺

  108. Patrik Lagerstedt says:

    I always have a couple of chilli plants in the greenhouse. But this year, I and my son got us completely. We soon chilli plants everywhere in the house and the existing lighting soon enough not to.

  109. Asa says:

    I want to win! Grow chilli and want to become big growers. Love to cultivate and want to learn more. Is therefore followers of your blog from now. Luckily I found it. Asa

  110. krille says:

    Your mini chilli light looks really good !!! If in need of more lighting, so I really hope I win the lottery.

  111. K-G. Börje says:

    Hard to find a unique reason to win anything at all,
    so the only answer I can think of like this is that it would be as if I used this race is the first and only good that happened on 26 year.. 🙂

  112. Gunilla says:

    Oh oh so many who could answer. I like the first-time growers have not a chance, but this light that I may have in the laundry room is well the only thing my husband would accept. He is not fond of all my sådder in the living room so it will be hard enough to push up NGR chilisar here! The grows almost not at all in the lack of light even though they are in a sydfönster.

  113. Andreas Gunnarsson says:

    Long time fan who need more light as I live in a black hole in terms of natural light:)

  114. Jörgen Lindh says:

    I could send pictures of my wintered plants, started with 7 but have 2 remain one of which is a little hard to take himself, but with a little more light it can probably be 2 plants that survive the winter …

  115. Jimmy Kållin says:

    I've never grown my own chilli. Like spicy food, and interest in the chili gets bigger & major. Would be a perfect Start-growing chili glue it there 🙂

  116. Thommie Nilsson says:

    My boyfriend at 7 years has left its seeds here now. Had been wonderful to surprise him with this in her room.

  117. Johan Strand says:

    As a new member of the chili club with an envelope of seeds at the post office feels like a little extra light in the darkness of winter had helped me a long way to succeed with my cultivation.

  118. Anna says:

    Given that I fill 30nom a couple of weeks I had been amazingly happy for an early birthday present 😉

  119. Jonas F says:

    Other year's chili projects, this year it should be powered up Jalapeno several varieties and some larger the Arbol plants. With a light, I have the opportunity to run up more varieties and share with me when things get too many small.

  120. Alexander says:

    Chili produces pain, about as much as Katla beloved Brothers Lionheart.
    The same love-hate relationship, I have to grow in the window where I wound, but not where the sun reaches.
    In this light, I in the kitchen shine, when my chili in the food received shock.

  121. Yvonne Lundstedt says:

    Would love to participate and maybe win this nice light score to my chilli plants. And I want to win it because I'm new here on the site and may need a little help 🙂

    Sincerely Yvonne

  122. Niklas Gunnar Solstickan Malmberg says:

    I win not I buy one when they are available! 🙂
    Do not say more than that, you have already 500 comments to read this, I am just one of the crowd. 😛


  123. January Skoog says:

    Hi ! Is beginners in chilli cultivation, already have plants on the way up but really lighting had done the trick
    so this I really want to win so I can maybe grow a larger scale.

  124. Olle Nystrom says:

    Is an arm student accommodation in the darkest Vanersborg, a fine light would really brighten up my chili grows everyday! 🙂

  125. SONJA IVKOVIC says:


    I am a first-time growers of chili and have already been bitten. The goal this year is to grow 7 kinds of chili I have bought online. I said I never cultivated before? 🙂 I need help and support when the question marks falling down 🙂

  126. Lennart axelsson says:

    oj,huh many tävlande.då becomes an :),My motivation is to,right now I use the 200 liters akvarium,which take up a lot space,with your Mini Chili Light, I would save a lot of space,and a more satisfied partner ;)…

  127. Nobody says:

    Cultured 4 chili plants for the first time out on my balcony last summer and was really pleased with the harvest. Absolutely incredible taste and smell compared to what's in store. This year I thought expand variety and grow directly from seed and are looking for just such a chilli lamp that you show up.
    Thanks for any info on your page!

    Greetings, Nobody

  128. Lill Gustafsson says:

    Cultivated chili for the first time last year and they were -Hot. Would like to try to grow a little milder variant of this year and then it would be good to have them in a little separate section where it need not be so “natural light” Have as much plants in the apartment where they had been trained that it is difficult to place (600-700 St). Thanks also for a lot of good to read about just light pipe fittings which I'll figure on right now.

  129. Ingrid says:

    I would love to win a chili lamp for I am in desperate need of a. Now my small chili plants starting to look up, and they have become långskrånkar directly. I would also like to put myself in the, for now do both I and my chilis little extra light.

  130. Jonah Almgren says:

    Has cultivated chilli in many years. Have never had a good, smooth lighting to my sådder / plants. The Mini Chili light illumination get plants that much needed light they need and great start for the cave. Moreover, it is really neat.

  131. Arif says:


    Got my interest in chilli last summer when I bought a plant , Apache. This year I start from scratch and has cultivated several varieties , but the lighting is not sufficient 🙁

  132. Lotta Gustafsson says:

    Because I love chili and would enable them to better their start in life. Has grown much chilli until the storm Simone totally destroyed my greenhouse. But no, I will probably fit yet somehow.

  133. Ramona K says:

    I love to grow chilli but it is often not so good during the starting period that I have imagined. The biggest problem is that the only light station I have is quite large and otympig. It is poorly positioned so that it is usually in the basement. Growing without additional I jus do not go with us.
    Your Mini Chili Light would fit perfectly in many places with me – any time in the kitchen so we can follow the development closely. Then it is also important that the light station is well designed – and there is the Mini Chili Light

  134. Asa Hägg says:

    This I want to win for my dear husband! It would be a nice surprise as he sat several evenings and sought the perfect lighting for their chilli plants!

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