My tävligsplantor to the Dorset Naga Chilli Challenge 2014 grow and thrive!

The contest i'm in is to get as many fruits as you can in a Dorset Naga chiliplanta. I treat them this year on my own little secret way. It's competition and then one can not tell you all.

A little one can tell as I this year lends credence to my plants with Bat Guano and Neem fertilizer this year and that I mix my own soil to the plants will get opptimala conditions. One of the tricks is to get the plant to branch early and I don't mean at the top but I want to produce many side shoots and the plants have already pushed börat out so it looks promising.

This year it will be even a larger pot 65 liters., Yes it is great but if you want big plants, you must give the plant room to grow on

I hope to be able to beat my record from last year on 308 red hot fruits.

How are you with competition the seedlings?

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