Plant a small chiliplanta in large pot!

Of course it is possible to plant a small chiliplanta in a large pot with plenty of Earth. There are a few things that you should keep in mind. A big pot is a lot of water and it is important to water the right way for success. The Earth becomes too wet, the small roots are injured and die plant. Here I use a 25 liter pot.

Soil mixture: A lucker humusrik soil mixed with ca 10% Perlite or small leca balls. Fill a odlarkruka with ca 10% of the soil mixture. Basic fertilizing. Pour in about 1/2 DL chicken manure pellets and 2 Epsom salts or 1 DL. Bat Guano and 2 Neem litter and 2 Epsom salts, I use the latter of these 2 mixtures.

Fill with soil up to the pot edge. Make a hole in the Earth and put down the plant. Press to easily. Water gently just around the plant. before watering next time feel after so that the soil around the plant has begun to dry up. watering this way they 3 – 4 the first few weeks.

Efter 3 – 4 weeks has roots established themselves well and then you can irrigate the entire pot. lift the pot and feel its weight in this way, you can determine when it is time to water again. Never let the soil dry out completely.

Keep in mind that the plant needs light energy to be able to establish themselves well in the pot so it must get extra lighting now that daylight is insufficient to.

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  1. Maria says:

    Many questions now… Where to buy Neem sprinkle? And Epsom Salts?

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