Nordic Garden 2014 with föreninegn Chiliodlarna!

Yesterday, Saturday, I was and helped in the Chiliodlarnas booth at the fair Nordic Gardens 2014 The Nordic region's largest Garden Show. In the booth so sold lots of chiliplantor of all different kinds. A popular variety that ran out fast was the host's now hottest chilisort Carolina Reaper.

Chiliodlarna is a newly created Association. one of the Association's purpose is to spread knowledge on how to grow these hot fruits. The Association has its registered office in Stockholm but has members from all over Sweden.

Do you want to join this happy growing crazy bunch you can register your interest here. The annual fee is 100:- Chiliodlarna.

I was also interviewed by Johannes Wätterbäck (Uncle Green) for the new website Odlingstv where you can see movies to give inspiration to garden around the country

Stig Häggkvist about their cultivation experiments (Odlingstv)

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