Now put chiliplantorna flower buds that I knipsar away!

My chiliplantor put the now full of flower buds and the first thing that comes to early
picks me off to the plant will put its energy to grow bigger. I also like
This benefit bloom scheme at a later stage.

Many claim to have lots of red light any time Red Led lighting to it to form buds and flowers. I have these in kallvita and daylight-white fluorescent lamps and demonstrably so it works very well to trigger plantrona to put flowers. It is needed so no spciallampor to get chiliplantor to flower you can cheap fluorescent lamps.

PS. In May when the plants may come out in warm greenhouse, they flower freely…

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2 Responses to Now put chiliplantorna flower buds that I knipsar away!

  1. Hi says:

    Hi and thanks for a nice blog. 🙂
    I use 6400k spectrum to vegg phase and then 2700 k to b.
    Now I even during which veggar 2700 k works great. But not optimal.
    But it's very much to record whether there should be decisive and fully optimized.
    To this with LED, the Devil's påfynd, bad way if I can put my. Works better to vegg( If you must have's…en)
    I'll look more at your light set. Your results speak for themselves:)


  2. Astrid says:

    I love to grow chili peppers. In my garden once when I lived abroad so I had different variations of chili, But even the cortex I cultivated varieties, and it's so fun to see what comes up.

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