First up in the greenhouse was chili Purple UFO!

Finally, we move out to chiliplantorna greenhouse. Well I know that it will still be cold nights but then I calibrated in heating and fans so can't heat down under 20 degrees at night.

Purple UFOS had become the first plant out today in finkruka. This chili is not so common I've got seed from Neil & Charlotte on The Hippy Seed Company located in Sunny Central Coast of N.S. W, Australia.

It is a c. Annuum that get a lot of beautiful flowers and a beautiful pointy shape. The fruits are red as ripe and with a good fruity flavor with heat. The plants can become quite large if you have them in large pots. I have chosen a 15 liter pot is good size if you want to keep down the size of the plant but that it still grows strong and hopefully give good with fruit.

PS. I was testing a new basic nutrition long lasting as I found the pot in years N-9 P-2 K-12

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