Do you want to become a host to feed one or more chiliplantor?

Now I have to have help when the plants growing out of the greenhouse. Now you can be feed hosts one or more plants. You may take home plant and cultivate it further. The only thing I ask is that I get some ripe fruits from each plant. A prerequisite is that you live near me if you can't ride a bit.

The plants are in 4 liter pots so they take not-so-great location. Many are there against pretty high 70 – 120 cm. varying kinds both normal hot and some very hot. All plants bloom and many put fruits. you get with your nutrient solution that you mix in the water every time you water. The plants require water both morning and evening.

If you are interested then give me a message via the contact page.

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5 Responses to Do you want to become a host to feed one or more chiliplantor?

  1. Pack says:

    Hey I saw that you were looking for feed hosting. would consider me to be the. I live in linköping.

    You can call me at 0739807294

    Best Regards Patrick

  2. Anton says:

    Well! I would also I consider myself to be feed hosting but with a couple of annuum already at home, it would be fun with laid back has grown tired of weak chili… I know not where you are located but I live in Örebro. Please contact my email.

  3. Anton says:

    Have you not got hold of any feed host than it is I too interested. Lives in Örebro, so if it's not too far to go so please let me know.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Right now I do not leave out some plants when I first must fight against vermin. Please let me know if 14 dagar.

      • Anton says:

        Hey Stig! It's been just over 2 weeks so I thought only hear from me again about your old need feed hosts. Everything has gone well with the fight against the problematic vermin by the way?

        Best Regards Anton

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