New group on Facebook “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar!”


I have started a new group on Facebook where anyone interested can be with both beginners and professionals. But what now what do not you with Chiliklubben Group on Facebook? Yes, I was the. I was also one of the driving forces in the group but the mission I have left over now to those who started the group. It is easy to there will be misunderstandings and discord when many chefs to cook in the same chiligryta.

In my new group so I share with you my chilli seeds (Cost price) as I buy from my contacts all over the world. As a member of my group, you may take advantage of those cheap seeds and other discounts on some farming equipment, etc.. In the group, I share with you everything I can when it comes to hobby growing chili peppers. In my group, you have full support and no issues for me/us in the Group of stupid.

Facebook group name is Hobbyodling av chilipeppar! It is a closed group so you must request to be.

Do you want to know more detail why I now leave my mission in the Facebook group Chiliklubben, feel free to contact me privately.

Happy Chilisommar to you all!

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101 Responses to New group on Facebook “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar!”

  1. Michael Klein says:

    Sad that you leave the Chilliklubben Path, clearly you want to be part of the new group, Unfortunately, it seems the link doesn't work at the moment

  2. Andreas says:

    What has happened? Of course I will follow you!

  3. Michel says:

    Too bad that you continue to be as Facebook-centric, then there are many hobby growers on Google .
    Good luck in your new adventure.

  4. Peter Erichsen says:

    Ser fram emot att följa din FB sida och nya äventyr 🙂

  5. Pia Sternheden says:

    Thrives as chili in oil, Cannon Group if one is interested in the chili as a beginner. 🙂

  6. Thomas Walle Björkås says:

    Nice initiative with a new Facebook page

  7. Michelle says:

    New group and the store looks cruelly good Stick, good job!

  8. Robert R says:

    Would not sit wrong with Rachel gold powder for käket! = D

  9. Annika Lindqvist says:

    Jag ser fram emot att vara med i den nya gruppen och deltar gärna i tävlingen 🙂

  10. The Dragon says:

    Låter himla spännande med mexikansk blandning hotågott 🙂

  11. Christoffer says:

    Would be both inspiring & exciting to put teeth into a good piece of meat that has the seasoning from Mr. Chili him self. Let me get this opportunity to enjoy a barbecue in the summer evening together with friends. Your season is sure to be appreciated here at home.

  12. Monica Monto says:

    The new group feels good and it would be great to win your season!

  13. Pontus says:

    Exciting spice mix!

  14. John T says:

    It is thanks to you I have been stuck in this delightful chiliträsk and it was a matter of course to follow to the new group! Vill jättegärna testa din krydda så jag kan ha en referens Sen när jag gör en egen krydda 🙂

  15. Robin says:

    give me

  16. Carina says:

    Oops, vad spännande det skulle vara att få smaka din krydda 🙂

  17. Tomas says:

    Some good heat is never wrong, would probably fit well with a nice grilled steak.

  18. Johanna Hellstrom says:

    Spännande att lära sig så mycket om chili 🙂

  19. Lotta Wadajir says:

    It is exciting to follow your crops o tests. Fear that there will be many chiliplantor, -varieties next season:-).

  20. Patrik says:

    Damn! Hope my time to mature so I can make me some private !

  21. Kirsi says:

    Lite nom nom krydda till grillat 🙂

  22. SARA AXELSSON says:


  23. Haralambos Amanatiadis says:

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  24. Bo Uhlin says:

    always interested in tips and info on Chilli..!!!

  25. Anders says:

    Informativt och lärorikt = mycket intressant 🙂

  26. Ramona K says:

    Of course I follow Path. Thank you for creating a new meeting place for “chilifrälsta”

  27. Andreas Papazoglu says:

    Lovely page Path! 🙂 Hittar nya tips var dag!

  28. Markel s says:

    Gillar 🙂

  29. Verner Nørby says:

    Tillykke with the new side Trail…Spændende!! 🙂

  30. Martin says:

    As a beginner it would va fun to know how to taste ! Hope on tour…

  31. Anders lace says:

    Ska bli kul att följa din nya grupp 🙂 och så hoppas jag självklart på din kryddmix när jag ändå är här 😉

  32. Maria says:

    Like and participate.

  33. Claes Tranell says:

    Carpe Capsicum!

  34. per Fischer says:

    A greeting from the sister country Denmark. Hope you succeed with your new initiatives. All the best for the future.

  35. Susanne Cannon -Bergsten says:

    Vill gärna vinna en burk Av denna exotiska heta och spännande krydda 🙂

  36. Jessika says:

    Would have been fun to taste the spice mixture

  37. Jimmy says:

    I was immediately hooked chilli cultivation for a couple of years ago and with a lot of Indian friends, it will to use also.

  38. Kristoffer says:

    Spice up my life! 😀

  39. Ida Forsberg says:

    Had been cruelly Nice to try your powder to grill steak! Looks cruelly good out!

  40. Camilla H S says:

    I do so insanely well have one of kryddburkarna

  41. Andreas S says:

    Vore kul att vinna en burk av den heta kryddan 🙂

  42. Patrick says:

    Like this should be interesting

  43. Micke says:

    Would be really fun to try a can!

  44. Mycket intresserad av din kryddblandning 🙂

  45. Johan H says:

    Like and want to take part of the competition!

  46. Kerstin R says:

    Liked and hope for luck!

  47. Per-Anders Forstorp says:

    I'm happy with the essence and will be satisfied with the dry spice also!

  48. Michael says:

    I really hope to get the win your chili seasoning. For it would be quite kollt to have a season that not many have.

    • Antti Vähäkari says:

      Would be interesting to try your chili seasoning! Fun to compare if you have the same taste as I.

  49. Håkan Pettersson says:

    I like 🙂

  50. Per-Erik Grondahl says:

    Like the hope for lucky this time!

  51. maria kaldenvik says:

    Good luck with the new fb group there are always interesting and instructive (for me sim beginners) att ta del av allt som händer där 🙂 vill oxå vara me o tävla om din chilikrydda..vore kul att få testa den 🙂
    Sincerely Maria

  52. Robbo says:

    Spices seem very interesting!

  53. Jani Takalo says:

    Sweepstakes, here? Or I comment in the wrong thread?

  54. SUS says:

    Good luck with the group!

  55. Lena Pabitra K C says:

    Thought it was really sad when you left the Chili Club… But was happy when you started your own group… The've grown fast… Thank you for all the work you put into it here… Good luck! 🙂

  56. Oskar Eriksson says:

    Would be nice to win a jar of spice. Good page for other, both here and on FB.

  57. Gunnar Rurling says:

    Tests happy your chili

  58. Bear says:

    Vore gott med stickans pulver 🙂

  59. Emil eye says:

    Well, it was here that one would comment.. As I have said,, vore riktigt trevligt att prova 🙂

  60. Sven Börjesson says:

    Interestingly to taste a true enthusiast mixture in a world of fabricated mixtures

  61. Andreas says:

    Mumma 🙂

  62. Micael Johnsson says:

    Like your in the add path, you learn a lot. Thanks!

  63. Marko Rosenqvist says:

    Feel the heat and share the heat!

  64. Stefan Johansson says:

    Would love to win chili jar!

  65. Karin Ryden says:

    Very pleasant and inspiring group you created.

  66. Jocke green says:

    Would be fun to try

  67. Helena Degerstedt says:

    OF COURSE, I hope it's my name dragging, so I can invite son in law really good spicy food! 😉

  68. Lise Lott Lundgren says:

    I love to compete for your exciting chilli powder..

  69. Marcus seen says:

    Glad to hear that you continue to be active even in social media when it is fun to see large growers. Personally, I have just the place for a very small number of plants in my home environment!

  70. Camilla Larsson says:

    As a beginner, I do not know if I dare to win, would love to try an authentic chili fan?! 😉

  71. Lennart Brännström says:

    Of course I follow you,
    also hope luck in the lottery, were a joy to test !

  72. Veronica Dahlqvist Arleros says:

    Had our great fun to win & to invite both kids & mannen på så goda saker 🙂

  73. Freddie says:

    Season with a comment. 🙂

  74. Mr. Wibäck says:

    Thank you for not saying “chile pepper”, “chilepulver” etc. 🙂

  75. Ebbe says:

    Nu har jag gillat å mailat på så många ställen så blir väl att man blir med tre burkar 🙂

  76. Al Poder says:

    It's fun to see all of you inspererar trail. I am one of the first cultivated thanks to this page.

  77. Looking forward to when I get this in the mail:D

  78. Frida says:

    Yes thank you, det hade suttit fint m mexikansk chiliblandning 😀

  79. Gunnar Thor says:

    Of course you want to be in the draw!

  80. Dan Ditlevsen says:

    brilliant group !! With luck you get to try Stickans chili mix

  81. Lise-Lott D says:

    Fun with the new group. To try Stickans chili powder would be a big shot.

  82. Mattias estate says:

    Again, a spice mix you did not know that it was missing..

  83. Jan Kvarnström says:

    Mmm lightly weak tender meximat would be true internal, Otherwise, maybe you can get some shopping season-

  84. M. Steen says:

    Given that I friodlar without greenhouse, and it really is a miserable year, temperature barrier.
    So it seems the odds of winning some chili yummy more, than fresh cultured.

  85. Christian Gold Feldt says:

    Super good!
    I have already been helped by the group.

  86. Johan says:

    I hope I get the chance to blow your taste buds with dynamite powder

  87. Elizabeth Holmstrom says:

    Now I hope that I made the right.

    It would be fun to try your spice.

  88. Christian says:

    good sweepstakes.
    will be good in the summer.

  89. Joakim Åberg says:

    Many thanks for all the work you put into this and your commitment, dipstick!

  90. Karin Wahlin says:

    What fun with a contest!
    You really are an enthusiast Stig!
    Grateful to be part of the group and follows with great interest!
    It is soooo much to learn!

  91. Jeannette Gustafsson says:

    Would be great to win some flavor to the barbecue this summer

  92. Danielle Wykander says:

    With a bit of chilli increases the stress and find peace.

  93. Elisabeth S says:

    Haribu Senior Level.
    mmmm 🙂 Mexicansk hetta kan behövas i denna förbenade kyla 🙂

  94. Johanna Wiberg says:

    Also, I've started snowing in on this growing tentative and cautious! would be fun to try smth that is fixed in Dej!

  95. Kiki Schönström says:

    Jag vill jättegärna vinna din fina burk med het krydda 😀

  96. Would be hilarious to win your nice spice mixture on giving to my partner who loves spices on food. Å då får jag njuta av hans goda mat på din krydda 🙂

  97. Yngve Franzen says:

    Were excited to try Stig kryddbandning. Strong and good.
    “Get you're a big insperationskälla”

  98. Lennart axelsson says:

    path is the one that has ignited my interest in chilli,with her great commitment,and knowledge…. very cool to such a small seed that grows into a big chilli plant, thank you for having created a new interest in me .and thanks for all your help….:)
    best wishes,

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