Näringsvattna correctly in pots!

When watering their chiliplantor in pot, it is important that hoses through them but temperate water, then water with water. hoses through the pots directly with water so there is a risk that much of the nourishment it imparts is running out and that's not the point of it all.

A good composition of NPK to chili is N-3 P-1 K-5. what you use to make plays doesn't matter but it is what the industry includes relevant.

At blommning, you can increase the P and K to P-2 and K-8 – 12 so do I.

Here you can see a video of how I näringsvattna

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2 Responses to Näringsvattna correctly in pots!

  1. John says:

    Water each plant 2 times a day? My plants grow in 25-liter pots and I've only watered them every two weeks ago they came in these pots – It is far too rarely when?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi John!
      If I water 2 times. a lot depends on the weather but usually I get do it. I have the pots from 4 litres to 65 liter in the greenhouse and 65 liter pot I don't need watering as often but the other also some 25 liter pots when the seedlings are large enough that they filled pitchers with lots of roots. To the water with reason and after plant needs. I never let my seedlings dry out but I see to it that they have equal access to water. Even if I were watering a plant that don't really need water as it flows, after all, the plant will take no harm.

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