I'm banned from Chiliklubben on Facebook!









It was not so popular that I started my own group on Facebook. Now I don't get to be with the Group Chiliklubben on Facebook anymore where I gladly shared with me by my experiences and tips.

What is the problem? Well I showed some pictures in the Group Chiliklubben on some chilisorter
I have seed and then took the houses in hell! So did not do then could the group members also join my group.

Strange, the fact is that work on Facebook. Most of them are, of course, in several different groups that are interesting and it wont of course be no problem. To just share where to get hold of seeds as well as tips and Ideas is, of course, the whole thing with these groups.

Yes Yes now, you know the situation and I do not grasp for it. It is more sorry for the group members in the Group Chiliklubben which cannot take part of my tips and Ideas in this bumps anymore.

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21 Responses to I'm banned from Chiliklubben on Facebook!

  1. MIA says:

    VA? Are you kidding, the e well the height of childishness 🙁 probably think they can give a reasonable explanation and then an apology , who sits on the high chair that you think you rule the world?

  2. Alexander says:

    EXACTLY, most of them are, of course, in several different groups that are interesting and it wont of course be no problem at all.

    At the very moment when they banned you got more attention than they, so they did themselves a disservice, probably thought they do not clear.

  3. Mr. Wibäck says:

    They did not have a member for today. Do not up on such.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes, in the long term, they will probably lose that behave in this way. Many skilled farmers fleeing the group when this occurs.

  4. Jonas P says:

    Stuff I go not on so I left chiliklubben!!!

  5. Sylvie B says:

    Also I shoot o with both ICA o Konsum-short? How will this go if they get out of it?

  6. Oskar Eriksson says:

    As I have said,, funny action from Chiliklubbens page.

  7. Albert says:

    It's not NATO and Warsaw Pact countries we're talking about here… Hahahaha!!!

    How cute the on Chilliklubben to run “You-may-not-va-with-in-our-Club”-policies that you yourself were doing… WHEN YOU WERE 7 YEARS OLD!!! Hahahaha!

  8. Owe Örnestål says:

    I left them too, too much sandlådementalitet there.

  9. Tomas says:

    The stasi manners, Oh well, their loss. they learn enough to lose a lot of members now blah me.

  10. Erik Bladström says:

    It was the most childish made by Chiliklubben. It is well always stronger if we help each other. Better to follow Rachel Chiliodlingsgrupp only. There is no fraction. Just lovely lesson from all who share their experiences.

  11. Bosse says:

    Crimp them, you are cruel
    I have sworn to never use Facebook , so I'll have to make do with your website

    Best wishes, / Bosse Albin , olofström

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Bosse! No I not cringes. Have your own group now and however many chili tokar. Will limit the number of which may be with it is not good that there are too many in a group. I'll be better at updating my site but at the moment it happens not so much but it just grows flowers and a bunch of fruits.

  12. Per says:

    Jealous that you are so successful with your cultivation!

    I am pleased to learn from your experiences using low energy light bulbs.
    I had previously 2 fat plants that covered the entire kitchen window (Bay window on the 3 window). I got only about: 50 St. Trinidad Scorpion, MAX 100 Naga Morich. All the incredibly hot. Nothing against your 600! 🙂

  13. Maria K says:

    Absolutely incredible!!
    As much as you did for the page !!!! They lose enough many members due to this !!!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Maria! Well, it might be but now I have an own group with many great knowledgeable members so I'm not complaining.

  14. Maria K says:

    Lucky that you take it to but I miss you still on that page!!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      If you want to ask me something, then I'm here and in the Group “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar” on Facebook.

  15. Hidalgo says:

    Someone familiar with dom?

  16. Anna says:

    So childish! It makes it easy for me to select the FB group I NOT to join in.

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