My chiliväxter grow best in white light!

Today, the journal Nature&Garden in your mailbox. Very interesting read about lighting for plants. Fun to researchers on the subject have reached the same conclusion as I do that the white light gives the best results.

This with växtljus is a hot topic. When discussing it on some forums can the heat to properly. Some think really hard on that red/blue LED is a superior light source to illuminate plants indoors. I know that it is not true when the white light from fluorescent tubes and white LED gives me better results.

Many even believe that to save energy by using LED instead of T5lysrör. This, too, is quite wrong in the current situation when the efficiency is about the same so there fall one of the selling point as we are hobby breeders too often are told.

White LEDs are a good lighting source when you want to punktbelysa their plants such as on the window sill, etc.. On the other hand, wants to highlight a larger area without getting ruined so I recommend T5 fluorescent tubes in a good light fixture.

Purchase no. 4 2014 by Nature&Garden and read for yourself what one of Sweden's foremost scholars on the subject has concluded. You'll also get a lesson in how this light and plants work and a description of how you can build a plant lighting with fluorescent light bulbs.

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