I sow and germinate my seeds in Rotningskuber!

Now my chili season started and 6 varieties are already sown in rotningskuber. Then I
may 90% of all chilisorter to germinate in these cubes so I continue with it this season.

It is important not to push the seed too far down in the cube. A tiny seed has small amount of endosperm and can quickly consume energy if you stop down the seed too deeply in the cube. I wont even take a little bit of stock cube and clog the hole where the seed
is pressed.

The cubes are delivered moist but after I pressed down the seed and stuffy to the hole so
I dip them in warm water and squeezing out redundant. All cubes, I
then in a pluggbrätte, where is the steady.

Pluggbrättet is then in a larger cloches with flaps which in turn may be on a heat mat. The temperature set by the thermostat which regulates the heat mat. 26 – 29 degrees is a good temperature.

Note: The cubes will dry out quickly and have checked every day and watered if necessary by dipped in lukewarm water and then squeeze out the abundance.

I use cubes of make Root Riot and they can be found here.

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  1. Michel says:

    Where did you get a hold of miniväxthuset that can fit a full brim?

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