Special treatment of chilifrön with sodium bicarbonate and natriumpyrofosfat!

A chilfrö consists of shell, endosperm and germ. By treating the seeds in different ways
You can soft soften the seed shell. In order to speed up germination process can
do differently.

You can soak the seed, either in the water or you can put them on a
dampened paper towels which is then folded up and put in a plastic bag so as not to
the paper will dry out too quickly. Let be in ca. 12 – 24 hours in a warm place.

I have my own method that actually works well for me. I mix 1 a spice measure baking powder in 2 CL. lukewarm water and then the seeds lying there in 12 – 24 hours before I sow them in rotningskuber.

Baking powder is made up of sodium hydrogen carbonate and acid such as natriumpyrofosfat and these two elements makes the seed husk softens faster than in plain water.

PS. It took 6 days for these Bhut Orange Copenhagen to germinate and look up out the cubes!


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