Pimenta Da Neyde a beautiful chili from Brazil!

The 6 December so I sowed the seeds of the genus Pimenta Da Neyde in rotningskuber. It only took 7 days for the seeds to germinate. I almost always get chilifrön to germinate quickly in this medium and have therefore continued to use these small cubes.

Pimenta Da Neyde is a stunning chili coming from Brazil. It is a cross between c. chinense and c. annuum. The plant's stem and leaf get beautiful purple colored elements. Even the flowers are purple. the fruits become hot and purple. What is a bit unusual is that they retain the color even as mature.

Pimenta Da Neyde is a nice variety that can grow both in large pots or small. Perfect for those who want a beautiful little plant on the windowsill or greater on the porch, greenhouse, etc..

Here on my site you will get following this sort of development and see how I will deal with it in order for it to be able to grow large and stately and hopefully give many beautiful purple fruits in autumn. On the last picture is the plant 16 days old.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Stig! I have sown about 20 seeds of Root riot, all germinated and could also soon. But since then it has been very slow to develop karaktätsbladen. I compare with seeds that I planted in the soil so it took longer to germinate in soil but then they have developed much faster. Have you experienced that it takes a long time in between the cotyledons and leaves of character in Root riot? Is at the temperature of 19-20 degrees and lighting 15 hours/day. Have showered them with formulex 1 once per week. Thanks for a good site!

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