Plant lighting what is good and what is less good?

This with plant lighting is a jungle for the uninitiated. To use the new technology or it goes equally well with fluorescent lighting? Is the most expensive lighting best. Is red and blue lighting better than white o.s. v. There are many issues that you are facing when to provide lighting to their hobby growing chili peppers.

For a week I'm starting to test different kinds of plant lighting again. This time with a variety of light sources in various price ranges.

I'll try to guide you and tell you where, for example, LED fits better than fluorescent lights and vise versa. You will also see how the plants develop under each lighting source and then you decide what you want to use for lighting based on your specific needs of light.

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2 Responses to Plant lighting what is good and what is less good?

  1. Arne says:

    You never write anything about HPS lamps !?
    Is in belysningsbranchen and will therefore both light sources and fixtures of different types and effects. Running this year my first Chiliodling. Run the Geraniums and other things in the past and always used HP:you who I complimented with HPL sometimes.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Arne! I have not mentioned the HPS lamp and not MH for it is actually Pro lights and not so common that it is used by hobby grower. Sure there are some who use these pro lights and they are good. A HPS provides about 2 micromoles/watt and is effective. Many who grow hobbyodlar chili in residential rooms, and then I think this lamp is a good option because it emits large amounts of heat and there is also the only high power.

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