Video. Grow chili peppers in rotningskuber part 2.


In video 2 I show how I deal with Rotningskuberna when the seeds have germinated.
Now, they need little plants water, nutrition and lots of light. What to choose for light source? cold white or warm white does it matter?


The luminaires I use with T5 fluorescent lamps 4×24 Watts at Sneckenströms Eco-Trade and

PS. You can see all my videos at OdlingsTV

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2 Responses to Video. Grow chili peppers in rotningskuber part 2.

  1. Christoffer says:

    Really glad to see your movies, perfect timing as I'm about to put my seeds! One becomes really motivated again after winter's chili-dormancy, exactly what is needed.
    Hope there will be more good video clips to come, feel like you learn lots of it you are bidding on, thousand thanks!

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