School if your chili deep in the pot.

Some varieties have an elongated growth so that, for example, Aji Pancha Brown. When school the first time so you can put them down deep in the pot. It's fine to put them down so deeply to heart leaves almost touches the Earth.

AJI Pancha Brown is a very good chili from Peru. The rewards will be great with a little smoky, fruity taste and a mild/medium heat. Of this chili makes me a happy Panch powder which is very useful in cooking.

This chili can I recommend, one of the better “Food chilisarna”

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  1. Christoffer says:

    How do you do with the plants looked up, remove them from heat and pluggbrättet or have you left them with the others who not cave?
    Of my 40 half come up. Everything is in cloches in svampkuber with heat and light approx. 14 h.
    Do you think I should pick up the ones that come up?
    Mvh Christoffer

  2. Farzanehp says:

    Growing chili's fun.
    Would love to take some of what you/you arrive at.
    Just started with my.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! If that's how it goes about to plant deep in the pot, I can already tell you that it is possible.

  3. Fraser edgar says:

    My ica jalapenos seeds started to get brown to the early part of the drying process, for immature or how?
    English next time , If it goes well with dij .
    Best wishes,

    Fraser Edgar

  4. Anna Annizia Rose says:

    Now the character leaves on my plants come up, Carolina Reaper that I won in your competition.
    What are your tips to give me? House size at this first transplanting?
    How do I manage them in the best way? (med tanke på hur heta dem är) Bör jag ha handskar vid hantering av dem?

    Best wishes, / rose


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Skola om dem till en 2 liters kruka med en bra odlar-jord eller blomjord. Nej det behövs inga handskar för att hantera plantan. när du hanterar frukterna är det bra att ha handskar.

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