Ny mall för dig som vill göra dina egna plantetiketter med bild och text!

Now there is a new template for making plant labels that are free to download this on my page. The template is a. PDF file where you can enter your own texts and add your own photos.

To be able to open the file, it must be downloaded to your computer and open with Acrobat Reader which is free. You have probably already have Acrobat Reader then it is the most common reader. PDF files.

Note: It is possible to save their templates so you do not have to redo them! Didn't know it
then I made the film but now I know.

By downloading this free version of PDF-XChange Viewer you can open the template in this program and fix your labels. Then save the new name (Save as) so have you saved your template with your labels.

Download PDF-XChange Viewer here.

Here you can download the file “Label to the pot”
Here you can see a video on how to make labels.

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2 Responses to Ny mall för dig som vill göra dina egna plantetiketter med bild och text!

  1. Gerd Johansson says:

    Hey Stig!
    Would like to thank You for the Nice movies you do in Odlingstv. You are describing and showing as Braaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Have a good one and I'm looking forward to spring and summer. It's fun to grow !
    With friendly Greetings Gerd in Årsta Havsbad

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Glad you like my little movies. Jag ser också fram emot vår och sommar och alla grödor man ska odla 🙂

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