No Jigsaw F3 en sort som överraskar!

This chili is a cross between Fatalii Jigsaw and some unknown kind. It was the season 2013 that this chili first so the day light. We are several that are now cultivated this further and this year is the 3:(e) the year grown (F3)

It will be very interesting to follow the development of the plants and see and taste the fruits of autumn. You never know how they will look like. So far, the plants are developed well and they have very beautiful foliage with hints, stripes in dark purple.

Here you can read about how it all began 2013

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  1. Robert says:

    Hey Stig,
    Had to scrap my cultivation 2014 due to aphids from hell (never seen so much sketna animals – Blue!) No Jigsaw saw clearly the best out of the plants; dark green, large and fine blade, with florid trunk and clear grain. Looked strong and lush out, but finally succumbed during.

    Have completely lost the desire this year in view of the large loss of plants last year, but got some seeds left by 2013-annual No Jigsaw plant (the original.) Find out the coals to next year they go down into the Earth!

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