Hur har chili Pink Tiger utvecklats i den stora krukan?

On request, then here's a little update and some pictures of the little chiliplantan Pink Tiger that I planted the 22 February in a large pot. I jumped over several steps with regard to retraining in order to show that it is very good to plant chilli directly to a large pot if you just follow my advice.

The plant has developed very good. It has just gotten the nutrients available in the soil, I
do not have the economic embarrassment, than it will be the first of a few weeks that it will get some
nutrition at each watering time.

About ca. 14 days it will get a new pot on 35 litres and move out in a warm greenhouse.

Here you can see the video on how I planted chili Pink Tiger Direct in large pot.

See the movie click here!

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  1. Hasse says:

    Really nice is the Path, I also have some pink tiger but they aren't really the same size even when I put my seeds in early March. Thanks for a really nice site // Hasse

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