Snart är det dags för chilisläpp 2015.

Yes others have so called kosläpp so I may have chilisläpp now that my chiliplantor will come out in my pasture, Yes my hage is a warm greenhouse.

As you can see, it starts to get crowded in the basement of cultivation and the plants have started to compete for the light.

I recommend not to exhibit their chiliplantor if you do not have heat on their patio or greenhouse. The nights are so far were shabby for chilly. You should have them out or in cold greenhouses so you get nice wait until midsummer time and you should be reasonably sure they'll get by.

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7 Responses to Snart är det dags för chilisläpp 2015.

  1. Alex says:

    Hey Stig,
    I made chili today and, of course, emissions with fan heater.
    How many plants you will have in your greenhouse this year?

  2. Gustav says:

    The first time I'm in here but read a few posts and think the blog seem very good!
    I now have about 30 plants standing in 18 cm/diameter some has put b and someone has t.o. m set any fruit.
    But I would now like to repot them, is it possible to plant the firm they set fruit or they will die out?
    Was going to put them in 10-15 l buckets as I drill holes in.

    Best wishes,.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Gustav! Yes, you can recycle them to larger pots even though they sat fruits. They will bloom and set fruit all summer.

  3. Maria Granath says:

    Have a chokladchili, It gave the fruit last year – really fun! =))
    Yesterday was a peak of, CA 12 cm lång 🙁 Snittade den snett med brytbladskniv, removed some knob o flowers. Put it in the water, However, there is no nutrient solution. Have just krusan at home o no pennies to shop for :/
    What I can understand so should I remove all buds o flowers o fruit and the biggest leaves. can I move out a little krusan in the water? I am also interested in finding out more about chili o sticklings cultivation in General, can you recommend something sensible to borrow at the library-has borrowed the computer from a friend for this occasion. Grateful for the response by an interested who likes plants/crops =)

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! You do not need to have something in the water let it stand alone and change water sometimes. There is unfortunately no good Swedish books and libraries have almost no on English.

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