Biologisk bekämpning av trips i förebyggande syfte!

Now, I have set out Tripsrovkvalster (Amblyseius cucumeris) and Stinkfly (Orius majusculus) in my greenhouse as a preventive measure when I last season affected by the trips.

The trips are very small insects that suck out the contents of the cells. Damage appears as silvery spots spotted underparts. You can also see tiny black dots in context of the spots, It is tripsens stool. The trips also attacks the flowers it turns out by flowers may silver grayish flower petals. Thrips attack on chili pepper plants makes it less fruit and even deformed fruit.

I spread out Stinkfly by putting them on the leaves or near the stem so they can climb up in plants. I do the same with Tripsrovkvalster. These small farm animals are hard to see when they are very small. What you see is the medium they are delivered in.

A prerequisite in order to be able to put out these useful animals in the greenhouse as a preventive measure is that there is pollen which they can feed on if no pests. The temperature in the greenhouse should be at least 18 degrees Celsius.

Here you can read more about the trips and ordering biological control Lindesro AB.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hey Stig, where did you get these useful animals?

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