Växthuset har fått en Live kamera!

Now you can check out the greenhouse where I installed a camera. A oCO wifi camera.
I'm not there so you can see only the plants, I am where you see me…

OCO camera was very simple to hook up. Via an app for mobile adds the password to their wifi networks, When it is fixed, you get a QR code on your mobile phone, then, a picture that is in front of the camera. The camera beeps and then everything is clear.

Before you install the camera so you have to get an account at ivideon.com. There are both free account and various payment accounts depending on the features you want.

The camera's all settings is done via the app in your phone or log into their account on the website ivideon.com

When it's streamed Flash video you must have tex. browser Puffin mobile
to be able to see the movie live. You can download it here PUFFIN

Here you can see into my greenhouse live

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2 Responses to Växthuset har fått en Live kamera!

  1. Emil Helge says:

    Looks to be a cool little thing, where have you found the?

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