First harvest of Bhut Orange Copenhagen!

BOC as it is called is bred by Mr Friis Larsen of Denmark. This is the first year I grow this lovely very flavorful and hot chili. I am very pleased with the outcome because it gives much fruit.

A thankful kind to grow if you want to have a lot of fruits. The plants will be no Giants. My plant is about 100 cm high and is planted in a 90 liter pot. In these large pots usually Bhut chili be much bigger. Okay this may be a coincidence that it does not become bigger this year. first harvest gave 89 ripe fruits.

It will be interesting to see how many fruits this plant provides a total when the season is over.

Here you can see and hear what Oskar Eriksson likes this chili.

Bhut orange Copenhagen from Oskar Eriksson on Vimeo.

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