85 fresh hot fruits can be yours!

Many people ask me if I am selling chillies. No I don't. I'm giving away the fruit and using most of my harvest to my spice mixes.

For everyone to have the chance to get some fresh fruit so I listed out these hot fresh fruits to the highest bidder.

Varieties. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Yellow, Bhut Orange Copenhagen, White Naga, Fatalii White, Pink Tiger, Purple UFO, and my own yellow Hot yellow SH F1. There are varying numbers of all kinds. Some are more and less.

What you need to do is in a post telling us why you want these fruits and the amount you bid will also be printed as others see what you offer.

Note: The minimum bid is 59:- for that is what it costs to send this little box of fruit for you. You must have the address in Sweden then I not send to any other country.

You can place bids until the Sunday 2015 08 09 at. 18.00 Whoever wins will receive an e-mail.

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11 Responses to 85 fresh hot fruits can be yours!

  1. Ken K says:

    grisfest nästa helg 🙂 kvällsgodis hehe
    200KR touted

  2. Kajsa-Bruce says:

    Would be cool to surprise my brother with this cool package and, at the same time, get the chance to test the new chilisorter. 300:- touted! 🙂

  3. Peter R says:

    No own cultivation this year due to personal reasons…

  4. Peter andersson says:

    Grow for the first time u should go to eat.
    The first plants are probably good since they grow and have many leaves.
    Despite replanting in larger pots and plenty of bone meal, it is only a handful of flowers.
    Would be interesting to get some varieties to taste and to be able to pick out a personal favorite.

    I offer 400 Crowns

  5. Tommy East says:

    Have booked chiliprovning with good friends, but has got the right thin dividend on own cultivation this year.
    Offers 425.

  6. Johan says:

    Running with 600

  7. John Ash says:

    My bid is 59kr and a package of 3×3 CL of my Thunder drink is hot.

  8. alexander says:

    700KR touted all of my buddies should have test chili.

  9. alexander says:

    Hi, You may put up more boxes any day?

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