The Swedish Dorset Naga Challenge 2015 is completed!

Now 4 Winners designated in the 4 the classes in this race which was to get as many mature red fruits on a plant of chilisorten Dorset Naga. Marcus J showed off an impressive results and took home the victory in 2 of classes

In Class 4 is the winner Marcus J with impressive results 3018 Red fruits. (See pictures above)

In Class 3 is the winner Torbjörn H with 462 Red fruits

In Class 2 is the winner once again the incredible Marcus j as in this class got up 348 Red fruits.

In Class 1 is the winner Christine Danielsson who got up 101 Red fruits.

Congratulations to all winners. You will be contacted by email.

Here you can see the top ten list in all classes.

PS. Judgment cannot appeal!

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