A plant lamp with style can be yours!

Feed my plant lighting a name and you have the chance to win a fixture in style to your window growing!

ChiliLight Window has become a very popular plant lighting. It is for those who want to grow on the windowsill and not be disturbed by an annoying glow when you sit on the couch.
It is manufactured in 2 lengths 70 cm 24W and 125 cm 54W.

Because this plant lighting works for all plants so it needs a new name. Now you have to find a name that I think fits the best chance to win a 70 cm light fixture with 24W 864 T5 HQ tube and chains for hanging.

I want the name to both include something with plants, light and design for that is precisely what this lighting relays. You may use both the Swedish and the English language when you find a name.

All fittings are made by hand in the plate that needs to be checked before being powder-coated in order to get a good and durable surface finish. All wooden details are in oak. Oak tree cut in strips which are then glued together and then sawed, trimmed and sputtered to get good fit. All are coated with a matte Clearcoat.

The luminaire is fitted with reflector and a modern T5 fluorescent lamps that have been shown to be one of the better when it comes to growing plants. The fluorescent lamp is a standard pipe that turned out to be very good for growing plants. It's inexpensive to replace when it made its or if, for some reason, the breaks.

Do you want to be in this name contest so like my page by clicking on Facebook (Like button) and share on Facebook (Share button) and type your entry as a comment.

PS. The contest has ended!

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45 Responses to A plant lamp with style can be yours!

  1. Magnus says:

    I think this would be a good fit. White light source

  2. Robert vestholm says:

    Grow up!

  3. My proposal, Chililight

  4. Kirsi says:

    Year Round Sunshine

  5. Kai ottosson says:

    Plantae illuminance

  6. Kai ottosson says:

    Northern light

  7. Kai ottosson says:

    Oh oh oh!!!! “Freshlight”

  8. Micke says:

    Strip Light

  9. Sussie says:

    Happy growth light
    Green grow (light)
    Life light

  10. Micke says:

    Gauge Lights

  11. Mia Rosendahl says:

    Plants DeLight – SH Design

  12. Sussie says:


  13. Michael Vinger says:

    ChiliLight Collector edition 24(54)

  14. Linus says:

    Design growlight

  15. Åsa helsing says:

    Beautilight design

  16. Sergei says:


  17. Wiktor Öhman says:

    Greenroom Light
    Grow Glow
    Homegrow Light

  18. Jonas says:

    I think it should be called the northern lights.

  19. Camilla Öryd says:

    Growing Green Light

  20. My name suggestion is Style-light.

  21. Alex says:

    It should simply be called what you write, It is precisely that it is a: ChiliLight Window

  22. Anna says:

    Peace, Love and Light

  23. Nils Paulsson says:

    Scandinavian Design Light
    Northern Design Light
    Green Aurora Borealis

  24. Caroline Andersz says:

    Thus tidy crafts! My contributions are:
    Upper Plant Design
    Plant High Light
    Magic Garden Light

  25. Gunilla von heijne says:

    Easy Plant Growing Light Design

  26. Anders says:

    Easy o plain ' VegiLight’

  27. Lena Pabitra K C says:

    Window grow light

  28. Mattias Carnerheim says:

    GrowTube options TubeGrow.

  29. Joakim Elf Brook says:

    PlantLight design a bit
    PlantLight nordic design
    PlantLight window
    Grow home window light

  30. Krister Andersson says:

    Light the Fire

  31. Lena Pabitra K C says:

    Want to change my suggestion to Widow growing light

  32. Ricard Hulteke says:

    Hey Stig!

    My proposal is based on the Window light =

  33. Mattias P says:

    Green light window

  34. Luffsman says:

    TheStigLux 24/54

  35. Jessica Axelsson says:

    I think Everyday grow light by SH would be a top name ?< img draggable = "false" class = "emoji" alt = "❤ ️" src = "https:"//s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/2764.png >

  36. Charlotte jotorp says:

    My proposal
    Stig's winter chlorophyll

  37. Philip Rasmussen says:


    Farm Light – Home Edition
    Home Sun
    Plant G

  38. Saskia says:

    Radiate Plant – SH Design
    Light 'n Grow by SH

  39. Tiina Elofsson says:

    My suggestion on the stylish fixture:
    Growth Lightning HomeStyle

    (have liked and shared on my son's Facebook because I have no own…)

  40. Marianne says:

    DesGrowthLux the
    DesHerbLux which now prefers

  41. Mike Danseglio says:

    What a fun competition, Here are my suggestions!

    PlantBeam, design by Stig
    GrowBeam, design by Stig
    Grow-A-Light, design by Stig
    Light’n’Grow, design by Stig

    Obviously, Stig replaced with stick, but thought Stig gave a prop rare appearance! 🙂

    Another suggestion is SunTube, but then deviated from the desire for plants.. 😉


  42. Rebecca Toubøl says:


  43. Jessi Elofsson says:

    My proposal:
    Stylish Grow Light

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