Are you interested to learn more about the hobby growing of chilipeppar/paprika?

stig_hAs many of you already know, I have a passion for the Hobby growing of tomato chilipeppar/paprika o.s. v with all the means. I want you to answer these questions below to see if there is any interest in a more professional page on the Web with very good and instructive info for you as odlingsintresserade.

You to answer the questions below are completely anonymous no name or email needed

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13 Responses to Are you interested to learn more about the hobby growing of chilipeppar/paprika?

  1. Dorcas Stüffe says:

    Would be really interesting

  2. Tony says:

    Agree with !

  3. Peter says:

    Running on!

  4. Malin Habib says:

    More than happy to!!

  5. Class Thorén says:

    Always fun to learn more.

  6. Richard says:

    Running on just

  7. Antonio Miguel says:

    Me gustaría

  8. Ann Jaryd says:

    Is super-tagged, have ordered my first greenhouse, good luck…

  9. Mattias Jakobsson says:

    Are really psyched about this with Chili cultivation

  10. Monique Stenberg says:

    Think it's so insanely fun and to grow as much as possible of what you eat. Then you know that it's organic.

  11. Marie-Louise Nygren says:

    This would be where the top then I, as a beginner is very insecure when it comes to plant chili and how these should be taken care of.

  12. Kalle Holmberg says:

    Need advice on safe procedures for drying seeds

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Dry seed is not difficult. Remove seeds place on a paper towel and let them lie and dry for a few days or more. Keep these then dark and cool. usual small envelope works out noticed that keep the seed in.

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