Plants would not only have red and blue light!

I have tested many different LED lights in red and blue light. It's been a long time since I came to the same thing as a researcher at the SWEDISH UNIVERSITY of AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, Swedish University of agricultural sciences is now coming out in science radio and talk about. Plants would have a wide range of light colours and that's why white light works so well for us hobby growers.

In all my tests with the red and blue LED lighting against such as fluorescent lamps have always been the best. It works of course also with LED lighting but then it was over strong white light. If there is interference but any red does nothing but light becomes just a little more pleasant and more towards the warm direction.

The cheapest and best option for us hobby growers are still fluorescent lighting and lågenerilampor. If you have a specific need to punktbelysa a plant then fit LED very well when they have a more directional light.

To push up the plants with is fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, so far, by far the best light source for me. If it is hot or cold light does not play as large a role. the difference between warm white and cold white is very small if you look at spektralkurvan

Here you can both listen to and read about the scientists ' new findings.

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