Now my small leaflets in printed format.

a_foldersNow you can buy my two leaflets in printed format. A how to succeed with your hobby growing chilipepper and one of the hot topic växtljus which will give you advice and guidance when choosing plant lighting for the dark season.


You pay 20:- for these 2 leaflets and
15:- in postage and envelope.

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4 Responses to Now my small leaflets in printed format.

  1. Anita Tödt says:

    Hey Stig!
    Have sent for a plant lighting: Light Wave T5 4 x 54w.
    Then saw that it was very heavy,9 kg. I had intended to produce such a position
    of plastic pipes( as you have shown on video)to hang it in. Do you think it will be too heavy?
    or do I have to hang up the otherwise?
    Friendly hälsn. Anita Tödt

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. If you insert the round rods, broomsticks or similar in the lintels and posts so it's probably no problem.

  2. Sofia says:

    Hi, is a little new to this with chiliodling. What a great informative site you have! ??
    However, I have a question, has cultivated a bit of different kinds this year, including jalapeno xalapa and black hungarian. They have shot off on the height, is not so superrangliga but are, nonetheless, that they get a little stronger “tribe”. They are approx. 50-70 cm high. Black hungarian is a bit buskigare while jalapeno xalapa most just have simple leaves after the tribe, very large leaves! Now to my question, can I repot them and plant the root even though they had time to grow on so much or will stem to rot when? Any experience? Has topped some but want some early fruit also.
    Thanks again for a great site. Your lusbekämpningsinfprmation has saved many of my plants!

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