A new chili has seen the light, What should the hot?

I cross the chili in order to produce new varieties. This year, this is one of my new creations.
It is a cross between Buht Orange Copenhagen and Orange Blob.

It is really hot but with lots of flavor.

This new chili needs a name. You who come on a good name as I see fit
may 10 St of this junction in your mailbox.

The 5 August I decide what name I think is well suited and will let you know who found the name via email.

You write the name here as comment. Note: I must approve your comment before it will appear here.

Note: The name is already appointed and it was Bocob Orange

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80 Responses to A new chili has seen the light, What should the hot?

  1. Mattias Carnerheim says:

    BB, I think. Buht and Blob are BB.

  2. Lotte W says:

    Bugs threat dandy

  3. Benny says:

    Orange Copenblob

  4. Mikael Bengtsson says:

    Buht Orange Blob.

  5. Micke Andersson says:

    Wrinkled Agent Orange

  6. Sofia says:

    Suggests Grandma Sunbeam (Or the obvious but not as flattering Buht Blob Orange).

  7. Sofia says:

    Buht Blob Orange Surprise

  8. Anntha Frisell says:

    Hey Stig!
    Maybe it should be called Bhutblob Orange? Eller Copenhagen Blob?
    But if it is hot so maybe Bhut Vulcano Blob

  9. Orange Brain Matter 😀

  10. Dick says:

    hot dipstick

  11. Steve Dresch says:


  12. Markku Hautamäki says:

    Bhut Stig Blob
    Bhut Orange Blob
    Orange Shit
    Copenhagen Blob

  13. Göran Westerlund says:

    Bocob Motala.

    The name is short and hard hitting, on the one hand, it provides information about where the new variety is sprung, Thus the varieties Buht Orange Copenhagen and Orange Blob and the place where they have successfully crossed.

  14. Christian P says:

    Sunset of Sweden – Abbreviated SoS course 🙂

  15. Magnus Scherberg says:

    Hello stick, the name that popped up when I saw your nice fruit was “Sting Hedge” I also believe that you see the initial similarities with your own name.

    Have continued to go summer…


  16. Mrs R says:

    My suggestions, said in English:
    Blorastig, (sounds like as eg the Jurasik, so get big or extremkänsla of it.)
    Blorange Stig
    Blorange Sting

  17. Robert B says:

    It need not be complicated… 😉
    Buht Orange Copenhagen Blob

  18. Anders Eriksson says:


  19. Ingalill Löfving says:

    SHOS -Stickans Hot Orange Swirl

  20. Martin says:

    Stig of Sweden
    Hot McStickan
    Sticky Hot Yellow
    Agent Orange

  21. Frederick says:

    Orange Buht Blob. Maybe remind / forewarns little OM, the day after, already the day before 🙂

  22. Bhut Orange Blob of Sweden

  23. Laila says:

    Bhlub Orange Varamon! What else!? ?

  24. Markel S says:

    S.O.S. Stickans Orange Sunshine ✌

  25. Hi!

    My suggestion is “Bird cherry twig” (your last name translated to English) or “The stick's gold nugget” because it looks like a gold nugget (or maybe “Stickans nugget” if it does not have to be internationally viable).


  26. A-M says:

    Buht Orange Copenhagen and Orange Blob.
    All letters will be Bocob.

    So Bocob orange.

    Have a nice summer.
    stalls // A-M

  27. Henry Stedt says:

    Stickans Butt

  28. Ti Ca says:

    Orange Dane

  29. Daniel says:

    Motala Bhlob

  30. Staffan alexandersson says:

    Stigmania orange

  31. Mats Wallin says:

    Bhut Orange Swemark

    Bhut o Orange from chilli varieties o Swemark from Sweden o Denmark.

  32. Henry says:

    SH Motala Orange! ( SH Path Häggkvist)

  33. Glenn Malm says:

    Geoluread dagger

    (Geoluread is an old english word for yellow red = orange)
    (Dagger of the fruit I like most of the forms.)
    (And that the dagger is my favolåt of the band Mustache.) 😛

  34. Ingolfur Björnsson says:

    Stigs Bhut Orange Blob Cop

  35. Elin says:

    The Stig!
    Feels like there is good momentum in that 🙂

  36. Hasse Anderstedt says:

    Orange Bob or Bob orange, with or without Sweden in the name?

  37. Mia Rosendahl says:

    Swedish alt Orange Heatwaves

  38. Sami T Atici says:

    Orange Beauty

  39. Jonas Engström says:

    The Stigs Nugget

  40. Carl Andersson says:

    Copenhagen meltdown

  41. Jan Kvarnström says:

    Orange Thing

  42. Michael says:

    ‘The Stig’ is given the!! ???
    Sincerely Mike Engelin.

  43. Carina von Walden says:

    Annelies heta

  44. John K says:

    Stick Orange Bhut of Motala

  45. Bosse Åkesson says:

    It will of course hot “The Stig”! 🙂

  46. Tomas videll says:

    Danish dynamite

  47. Linn says:

    Copenhagen Blob

  48. Anders Petersson says:

    Orange Lantern

  49. Eva Eckersberg says:

    orange BB, = Orange in Spanish

  50. Camilla Öryd says:

    Orange alladin

  51. SLOBB, Stig's Little Orange Bhut Blob

  52. Sophia says:

    orange Blobhut!

  53. Be Adelborg says:

    Shaggy Blob Buht

  54. Göte Mäkitalo says:

    First thing I thought of was the Hot Carrot or carrot chili since little different combo but someone had already written up on Buht Orange Blob. Why not Buth Carrot Carrot Buth Motala or Motala Blob.

  55. David says:

    Swedish Orange.

  56. Tobias says:

    Havannah Sunset

  57. Emanuel Johansson says:

    EastGoteOrange (Öskötte orangre) eller Path Orange ( stig orange

  58. The first thing that struck me when I saw the picture in the comments in the facebook group, var Jabba the Bhut pga formen. 😀 Possible. Jabba the Orange Bhut, but it is not as witty. 😉

  59. Daniel Karnberger says:

    Sticking Orange Blob

  60. Daniel says:

    Danish Blob bastard ☺️

  61. Michael Vinger says:

    Bløb X

  62. Roger W says:

    Buht Shagg Blob

  63. Carina Håkansson says:

    Bluht Orange
    Bluht Orange swirl

  64. Magnus Cardfelt says:

    Praise B.O.B!

  65. Ulla Britta ideryd says:

    Shaggy Hot Orange

  66. Andreas B says:

    Orange Bhutang

  67. Eva E J says:

    Orange wrinkle blob

  68. Niklas Malmberg says:

    Many good suggestions already, but I'll figure out a new will it be
    BOC Blob

  69. Maverick says:

    Stick Bhutonero

  70. John Wadsworth says:

    Buht COB.

  71. Anne-Lee says:

    Sunshine orange

  72. Martin says:

    Copenhagen Sunrise Blob, only Copenhagen Sunrise, Dennisk/Stick CPH, Dennisk/Stick sunrise surprise, The Tiger tank.

  73. Is somewhat reminiscent of a conch shell so I suggest Orange Shell

  74. Michael L says:

    Blorange Copenhagen or Motala Orange Blob may .

  75. Staffan D says:

    Orange ridges

  76. Linda says:

    Motala's Orange fire

  77. Michael Steen says:

    Glowing Wolf.
    In latin (If I am right.)
    Lupus Candentis

  78. Daniel says:

    Shaggy brain

  79. Rebecca Toubøl says:

    Bhut Orange Blob / BOB as it’s easy to remember when one parent is BOC. CONGRATULATIONS!

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