New label for in a can or small bottle

There is now a new label template for download. It is of course free.

You can change all text except “Made With Love”

You open it in a pdf software, click
the texts and change them.

Print on adhesive paper and
cut and assemble the can or bottle

Dimensions of the label is 50×60 mm.

Note. You just need to fill in one of the labels and click next then fills all in.

Download here




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2 Responses to New label for in a can or small bottle

  1. Grisapan says:

    I have a question completely unrelated to this:

    1. How much can you, theoretical, cut down a chili without being killed or seriously injured?

    2. When should we then do this?

    The reason is that I have some really nice plants become unexpectedly high and also quite "rickety".
    So my desire is simply to cut them down to almost 3-4 cm and "start from scratch".
    But do not know if that's even possible, but it is really bad?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! it is possible to cut them down hard, but you can if you want to leave a few forks in a tree to get a more branched shrub.

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