Chilli seeds!


I buy and switch to me seeds worldwide and sometimes get a lot of, and that we in “Hobby growing chili peppers” on Facebook is negotiating to us good Club rates. Seeds will be available in a small shop in the Group on Facebook. All seeds are to cost price + zip bag and label and postage and mail bag!

Note: to take part of the seed, you must join the Group “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar” on Facebook it is there you get the password to all the seeds! Contact me and you'll get an invitation to “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar” If you are not already there…

My commitment to share with you my experiences and tips on how to grow chili as well as what I do for the Group “Hobbyodling av chilipeppar” Members on Facebook are entirely on non-profit basis you may want to make a contribution, it is welcome!

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