I have my chiliplantor indoors and have prepared a place with good lighting. What should I do with the lighting, It is best to have the running lamps during the night and let them have the usual natural light the rest of the time?

Plants need nights rest just like we humans so it's best to have the lights lit from early morning to late evening, 14-16 hours/day is sufficient, for example, at. 05.00 till 21.00 is a good time if you want your chiliplantor to grow indoors.

What happens during the night?
Chiliplantan converts solar energy/light energy to industry in the bright part of a day. During the night using plant industry to build new cells, etc.. The plant also need energy during the night and then uses parts of the carbs it produced during the day.

Lighting throughout a day gives a larger plant mass but you get significantly smaller fruit scheme so there is nothing I would recommend but let the plants rest at night.

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