You should anspassa the supplement of årtiderna? If so how do you do it in the best way?

It's not the seasons to customize nutrition based on without chiliplantans the various phases. I'll try to explain this in a easy way.

The 4 nutrients that form the linchpin is nitrogen, potassium , phosphorus and magnesium.

Nitrogen (N) For growth and greenery and an important component of chlorophyll.
Fosfor (P) Promotes flowering and get fruits to ripen.
Kalium ((K)) get the plant to form flowers and fruits
Magnesium (Mg) Is a main constituent of chlorophyll

Nitrogen need is greatest in the vegetative phase when the plant to grow and develop blade, etc. but the need for nitrogen decreases significantly the longer the crop is progressing.

Potassium need increases as the chiliplantan produce new fruits.

Half of chiliplantans need of nitrogen and phosphorus and ca. 60 % by kaliumet used to
fruit development.

So a balanced nutrition with more nitrogen (N) in plant phase and less nitrogen (N) and more (P) and ((K)) before and during flowering and fruit setting.

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