Does it matter what I use for the soil in the pot in the cultivation of chili?

It depends on what you want to achieve with your cultivation but would you have healthy fine plants that provide great harvest so also the Earth of great importance.

At the indoor cultivation of chili that is just Earth and its composition is more important than many think, It also has a significant impact on the availability of plant nutrients is added the plant. It doesn't matter if you have the best food in the entire values unless Earth is right samansatt of the plant can still not benefit from all the good that it adds.

Chiliplantorna needs nutrition to grow, and nutrients in the soil are dissolved in water. Draining the water too fast through the pot, there is a great risk that the earth does not retain nutrients.

A good humusrik påsjord (soil with mikroliv and structure) With a blend of extra leca or Perlite so drained excess water more easily removed (It assumes that you have large holes in the pots) Such a soil also holds water well so it does not dry up too quickly. So it is a big difference between what you put in their pots and plant their chiliplantor in.

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