The Swedish Dorset Naga Challenge 2016


The contest starts on 15:(a) december 2015 and will end on 15 October 2016. The contest is to get as many red fruits as possible on one and the same plant cultivar Dorset Naga.

The fruits must be picked at different times or all at once.

Competition the plant to be documented well with pictures. The entire event is based on trust and honesty. Each time you pick the fruit from the plant, this must be documented with the picture date and number of red fruits.

Seeds used to be the seeds that come with the competition package. When germinating seeds are all medium allowed so that soil, coconut, Root riot, etc..

All seeds included in competitive package and may be operated up to gros plants but not later than 1 may 2015 You should decide which plant you want to participate in the contest.

It is optionally what to use for medium in the pot so that the Earth, coconut, sand, etc.. In The Class 26 litres or greater, you get even planting in the ground, in a pallet sleeve or directly in jordbädd in greenhouses, and so on.

We must compete in all the 4 racing classes. What classes you intend to compete in to be notified no later than 1 may 2016 to the competition's email address.

A plant label should be affixed on the plant. Labels appear in the competition package, a label for each competition class.

No later than 1 may 2016 a picture of the plant that you are going to compete with is sent to the competition's email address with full name of participant. Make sure that the tag for the plant to compete in is clearly visible in the picture.

No later than 15 October 2016 to all documentation of the contestants the plant must be submitted to the competition's email address with full name of participant.

Note: It is important that these rules are complied with and that the documents well and follow the instructions on what and when certain things are to be made at the latest. If you do not submit on time so disqualified automatically and will not Contest the results list.


Important dates to remember

1 may 2016

15 October 2016

The competition's email address


Good luck!

Here you can register for the competition 2016

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