Lamp test Led 18W vs low-power 20W after 15 dagar.

Low energy lamp deliver best so far and I understand now why. I have measured up the two lights. Led lamp of 18W draws only 10,9 Watt the supply not 18W. Low energy light pulls 19,2 Watts is not so strange that the low energy light is better.

It seems as if one can be deceived, even when it comes to how much power a plant led lamp to deliver. I continue this test still even if it now is misleading when it comes to the effect. Have you bought an led on 18 Watts so expect it to deliver what it purports to deliver or else get well indicate that it is on 18 Watts but the supply 11 Watt to the plants thus significantly less than expected.

In the future I will measure out all lights before the test starts. Here you a plant led lighting so check it for it is not sure that it delivers what it claims to supply.

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  1. Jörgen says:

    Was going to put down my nerklippta plants in the basement in the winter but guess that they need some light yet firm they should rest on after much searching I found this LED light bulb (E27 Kelvin lamp 10W (2700-6500(K)) Dimmable ) wonder if it could be something. What do you think? It is to ask how much light it will provide // Jörgen

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Jörgen!
      A 10W bulb does not give a lot of energy to your plants, whether it is led or compact fluorescent/fluorescent. The best and cheapest you can use are fluorescent lamps. Either buy a used or a new cheap light fixture with 2 St. 36W fluorescent color code 840. Hang the fixture approx 50 cm over the plants and allow it to be operated between 10 till 14 hours per day depending on how hot the plants have the. At a temp of 16 – 18 degrees are 10 hours lighting time is it hotter 19 – 24 degrees you get increase to approximately 14 hours per day.

  2. Joel says:

    About just lamps, is 2 St 840 the best to choose? No benefits to type mix with a 965 related or similar?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Joel

      If you mix with 965 you will get more blue light, and it can be beneficial at raising but it's only a marginal difference between the plants development so I see little advantage to mix with 965 that is pretty expensive in purchase.

  3. Jörgen says:

    Hey Stig,
    Now I have ordered at, It became a low-energy bulb on 30 W, not too pricey, which is connected to a timer on will hang over my plants in the winter so I hope it will be better than my light bulb I have now 🙂
    1250 LM on 6400 (K) ought to be pretty good

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Jörgen!
      Yes to one or more plants for overwintering goes very well with your lamp.

      • Jörgen says:

        You mean that I must have more lights? now I have 4 plants for overwintering on to put down 3 till. When they took himself after I cut them down.

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi Jörgen!
          It depends on how large plants you have but if you want to trim them down and keep them a little cooler so can probably light enough to.

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