Now you can sign up for The Swedish Dorset Naga Challenge 2020


You can now register for the Dorset Naga Challenge 2020

The contest starts on 15 December 2019 and ending on 15 October 2020
Max 100 St. participants. The contest is to get as many red mature
fruits on a plant during the competition time. There are 4 St. different racing classes. Which classes you want to join in, you should have determined no later than 1 may 2020.
All rules and date, etc. can be found in the competition folder.

The 4 racing classes

Class 1. Pot up to 6 liters..
Class 2. Pot larger than 6 litres and up to 12 liters..
Class 3. Pot Larger than 12 litres and up to 25 Litres.
Class 4. Pot störräe than 25 litres and planting directly in jordbädd
and in Hydraulic system.

Price 150:-

The competition package includes: Price 150:-
20 St. Dorset Naga seed in original bag
4 St plant labels to the pots. (downloaded)
Postage and bubbelpåse to send the package to you.

Note: All the race packs will be sent out at the beginning of december 2019.

Racing t-shirt, black with 4-color pieces on the back or chest, women's or men's.
Size XS to XXXL you who want to buy
separately, More info available at the competition folder.







Would you sign up we'll send you an email with your address details
till topic “Dorset Naga 2020”
and swishar 150:- till 0707441184



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