Now greenhouse season started!

This year I started my chiliplantor a little later than usual. Trained my plants direct to large pots, 35 till 50 liters.. In case of retraining and planting in a big pot, it usually takes a few weeks before the plants will boost and grow, due to the fact that the roots have to establish themselves in the pot.

Now growing it for full and one of my Yakie Blue x Pink tiger a mixes that I purposely let the flower so it gives fruit now. Luscious color of these fruits…

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  1. Börje Pettersson says:

    Hi, first year with chili. Planted Jalapeno and Habanero Hot Lemon. Six seeds of each, all took! I just gave away some of my plants. Actually, I have been content with smaller pots, 5L, bl.a. due to lack of space in the apartment. They have still felt good and my warm south-facing balcony this hot summer. They have grown well, I think, and also that they bloom and occasional fruits is also seen.
    To my question, the one that got some plants today wonder whether it is possible to plant the larger pots now that they are already blooming and showing signs of fruiting. She had apparently large pots from previous tomato.
    Grateful for answers that I can forward.
    greetings Borje

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