Test Vigoroot 10 litre against average 10 litre pot

Now I'm going to do a little test but a Vigoroot pot is made of an filtmaterial. I have 2 St. Moruga Scorpion seedlings that are equivalent and may be subject.

One must skip down in Vigoroot pot and the other in a regular 10 liter pot. Okay no scientific test but no difference should be able to see if what is written below is correct.


“Vigoroot contributes to the healthy growth of the plants roots. With healthy and strong roots can plant easier take up all essential nutrients and the water it needs.

Vigoroot pots and planter bags consisting of a technologically advanced textile materials that create super strong root system for healthier plants and more abundant harvest.”

Continuation förjer…

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2 Responses to Test Vigoroot 10 litre against average 10 litre pot

  1. Åsa Johansson says:

    How did it go with your cultivation test?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! It goes well both plants have set fruits but most fruits have the most in common pot. Pictures coming

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