Automatic irrigation vacation to self-watering tray

When you are away and not have someone who can be watering chilli plants so there will be problems. Here, I will now show you how to solve this problem with a small 12V pump and a level switch / float switch that constantly makes sure there is water in your self-watering tray with water reservoir. Water is pumped up from a can so this system is not based on pressurized water from the tap, I do not recommend the pressurized system through the faucet indoors due to a water leak can be devastating.

How to build their own irrigation tray with water resovoar I have shown in a tutorial from 2012. You can find it here. Bygg and självbevattningsbricka

This system is based on the level switch, float detects when the water level drops, and then the pump will start and fill the tray until the float floats in the opening mode and closes pump.

Disconnect all according to the wiring diagram that you find here in the picture. Drill holes in the box Enclosures and mount the DC connector female for chassis assembly and the two
Contact GX12 plug 2 pole chassis. One of the pump and the level switch, float.

Level switch is mounted in one corner of the tray lid, drill a hole big enough to fit the switch and screw it. It is best if you cut or saw any traces on the side of the hole so you can bend the bracket to the switch so it will moderate level to turn off the water supply. This can be adjusted so the water level is about 2 cm below the edge of the tray.

The tube from the pump is mounted in the other end of the tray.

This is what you need to build this system. Click on the links
to get to the place of purchase.

Total cost of this system is about. 700:- depending on what you choose for pump.


A big thanks to Maciej Rudziński to help me with the wiring diagram, etc..





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