Gro frö!

How to germinate I my seeds!

I use a heat mat with thermostat and a small greenhouse in plastic when I grow my chiliföer. Many chilisorter germinate well in normal room temperature, but many of the hotter chilisorterna requires more heat to get started. By setting my greenhouse on the heating mat and setting the thermostat on 30 degrees so I can keep a steady and high soil temperature and it allows the seed germinate faster.

I use a pluggbrätte of cells that I fill with seed compost and watering. The seed do I place on Earth and pushing them a little easy, I sow a seed in each box. It is important that the soil doesn't dry out so I water when necessary with warm water as I have in a pump bottle which gives a fine water mist on the bed.

I wound even seeds in small cubes of an organic sponge materials. It is quite handy for when the character leaves evolved as I move around the cube to a pot of soil as the plant will grow further in to it's time to school the larger pot.

I've even lighting over my greenhouse even though this is not necessary but I think it is better by adding light right from the start.

It takes between 7 – 35 days for the seed to germinate and sometimes even longer, so you have to be patient!

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