När ska man ta in chiliplantorna inomhus?

When to bring in chiliplantorna indoor for winter storage or to fruits to mature?

Grundregeln är att chiliplantor ska tas in så sent som möjligt om temperaturen tillåter. As a rule of thumb you can say that the plants are doing better outdoors than indoors, because it is an abnormal situation for plants to be indoors where the air is much drier, etc. which stress the plants. When the night temperature begins to constantly be below 12 degrees, I think it is time to bring in the plants you want to Hibernate and plants where the fruits had time to mature.

The plants shed (Abort) their flowers and fruktkart
When plants come indoors after having been outdoors, they will get a smäre shock and be stressed and then plant trap both fruktkart and flowers but it wont sorted itself out after one or more weeks. By showering them with lukewarm water morning and night and they will help you to create a better environment for the plants.

What should I consider when preparing their chili plants for the winter?
Before you take your plants, it is important that you clean them ordetligt. Remove fallen leaves, cut off dead växlighet. If the plant has been visited by pests, you must overcome these. You should never take into chiliplantor that carry diseases or lice, etc.!

Choose a good place Indoors
Chiliplantor need light to survive winter or to the fruit to mature. The easiest to succeed is if you use additional lighting, fluorescent lamps that are lit for approx. 10 hours/day. If there is the possibility to choose the place where you can keep a little lower temp a ideal temperature approx. 17 – 18 degrees. The hotter the plants are the more light they need and then you have to increase the lighting time. Are you just looking to the fruit to mature, it is a temperature between 20 till 25 degrees preferred.

Watering & Näring
At the lower temperature will plants be watered sparingly was 14 day and not have any nutrition. At higher temperatures the plants require consistent watering and a dash of nutrition was 14 day.

Be careful with hygiene during winter storage. Once was 14 day chili plants be cleaned in the same way as you did when you took them in for the winter. Search for signs of pests in late January because many insects begin to turn out this time of year. Driver not up new plants in the same room as your volunteer seedlings as they may suffer from pests on the wintering the plants would suffer such as an aphid outbreak.


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