Cilipeppar's fine to Hibernate indoors in winter. The smaller plants are the light is usually. At wintering, I usually try to keep them in a temperature between 15 – 18 degrees but you can also have them at room temperature 20 – 24 degrees but then requires the seedlings more light, water and nutrition.

I do not recommend that it is lower than 15 degrees at the wintering of its hot chilisorter so that all of the Habanero and Naga Jolokia, Naga Morich, etc.. The hairy chilisorter as some Rocoto (Capsicum pubescens) can withstand lower temperatures.

Here's how I.

When it is time to set up the plants for the winter so I check through the plants properly so they do not have any vermin. to be on the safe side so the SOAP spray them piping I.

I put my plants on flat trays that collect the water that may flow from the pot so you do not have to get it on the floor.

CA. 20 – 30 cm above the plants, I have my fluorescent lighting with both color code 865 and 840 in order to get a wide spectrum of colors and it has worked very well for both wintering and plant breeding. I highlight at least 10 – 14 hours/day and use a regular daily countdown to control time.

If the plants still have immature fruits so hoses me and nourishes as usual until I harvested all the fruits. When the fruit is ripe so I cut down the large plants so that they take up less space. They are small plants so I will wait to cut them down to Jan – Feb. I use the opportunity to take some cuttings when I cut down the plants, It's a great way to get new plants.

When it comes to watering, so hoses I plants 1 times a week with warm water. I give them even a low dose of nutrition was 14 day. The plants are doing well to duschas a few times a week and I do so with a pump bottle.

What is important is that it ensures their plants so that they feel good. The plants get enough light, water and nourishment so they lose all sheets, gets yellow leaves, etc.. I try to keep my plants healthy all winter for a much better start in our if they feel good.

Even if the plants would look more or less looks dead out so usually they scratch themselves until spring if they just get more light, etc.. but it usually takes longer to grow strong again.

PS. You can read a little more detail how everything works Here on my site

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